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6 ​Tips for creating a country style bathroom

Country style bathroom by Kenny&Mason Country
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The real meaning of bathroom has grown manifold. It is no more considered just a place to detoxify and clean yourself, but also an ultimate relaxation spot. From the large myriad of stylish designs, country style bathroom is a vintage design that is still highly popular amongst urban residents. As per the name, it resembles a country house décor and renders the same warmth and pleasantness. While some may employ large spaces to include varied accessories and accents, the others are usually a compact area perfect for city look. Glass windows, a freestanding bathtub and natural indulgences are few of the important traits of a country style bathroom. So, if you also have a similar dream, then homify brings you some unique ideas and inspirations that can help and motivate you to design the perfect country style bathroom. This article will throw light on décor, furniture and furnishings to transform your dream into reality.

Let there be natural light

We can never expect a country home without adequate sunlight. It would be nothing less than a cardinal sin if you do so. Therefore, including a glass window in the country style bathroom is highly imperative. Along with brightness and luminescence, sun rays carry with them extreme positivity and bliss that prove to be a highly essential and effective factor in helping you regenerate and refresh in peace. The even stream of warmth and tenderness keeps the bathroom hot even during the chilly winter months. Inclusion of transparent and cosy curtains further intensify the smoother look and privacy in the bathroom. Try opting for lighter colours as per your interiors for a full fledged look. Apart from large windows, even skylight can effectively help both in maintaining the old charm and in capturing the maximum warm glow of the sun.

Effective use of pastel shades

Pastel shades highlight each and every décor. Perfectly suited for county style décor , they look absolutely pleasing and highly appealing even in bathrooms. White or shades of white make an ideal background against ceramic wash basins and ceramic free standing bath tubs. They undoubtedly lend a spacious and brighter look to the room along with the fact that they are extremely soothing and calming.  Instead of pastel shades, you might as well opt for lightly toned wallpaper to give your bathroom a richer yet simple feel. Light pink flowery patterns and colours impart a stance close to nature which instantly freshens up the place with coolness and liveliness. You can even decorate your bathroom with wooden detailing and pergolas that are perfectly highlighted against light shades.

Use a sleek mirror

A sleek mirror is a unique accessory commonly found in country style bathrooms. It is different from modern styles as it is not highly embellished or stylishly framed. Instead, most of the times it is a single slab of glass tightly fitted in one corner. It renders a unique sense of space and is also regarded as an impressive and highly functional wall feature. However, to bring your creative side into action, you can decorate the mirror with some affordable and in house methods. Metal or wooden frames are easy to mold and craft while ceramic frames require a lot of skill. Easy embellishments like beads, sequence and even small mirrors work as the best counterparts. This adds a more personalized and welcoming feel to the area that guarantees a stress-free you.

Lay wooden tiles

So, after the walls, let’s talk about flooring. A country style home is known for wooden finishing and flooring. This stunning representation can be extended to the bathroom as well. A true country style bathroom employs light toned wooden flooring for a perfect feel. A freestanding bathtub and flowers lend an unforgettable touch against the subtle flooring. The sharp sun rays on this patterned flooring add a brightening factor while passing through the transparent glass windows. However, this flooring can be replaced by ceramic tiles or stone as well. While tiles are a little inexpensive option, the marble flooring looks perfect against the stone or brick interiors. The wooden or stone flooring can also be accentuated using a brown or orange rug that ideally compliments a country style décor.

Go for a freestanding bath tub

A freestanding bathtub is the most remarkable and characteristic feature of a country style bathroom. Hugely prominent in most of the country style bathrooms, it marks a special and distinctive place for itself. Along with rendering a laid back feeling, a free style tub also looks absolutely suave standing alone in a stylish bathroom. This sturdy ceramic structure brings into life the bygone eras when it was considered as an absolute luxury. The white brightness of the tub blends perfectly well with the brightness of the neutral interiors to create a charming ensemble. This luxurious vintage beauty gives the room a spacious feel because of the open area beneath the bathtub. This further leaves the floor pattern uninterrupted and ensures a uniform coverage and beauty. To be honest, the drama created by this curvaceous figure will surely blow your mind and might persuade you to take this into the house.

Place flowers and planters

Colourful flowers and planters exude a feeling of cosiness and warmth. They look apt in any and every corner of the room. The sparkling fresh green color of the leaves looks visually adept against the subtle interiors, while the gleaming color of the flowers beautiful radiate in sunlight. The freshness created by the flowers help you rejuvenate and revitalize in style. It creates a beautiful environment against the sweet sound of water and pleasant fragrance of flowers. An absolute spa like atmosphere is created right inside your bathroom that helps you relax and let loose your tensions and worries. A wide assortment of flowers can be placed against the windows and the basin area to create a soulful medley as shown in the bathroom designed by Fingerhaus GmbH, home builders in Germany. Flowers not only complete the country style look but also stylishly complete your bathing experience as well.

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