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Needless to say, a garage is characterised by cars, bikes, tools and other knick knacks that always seem to be in a scuffle with each other. There comes a time when this room gets so cluttered and overflowing with stuff that it is tough for you to even step inside. This is because of sheer negligence and lack of attention towards a garage. This room is most often overlooked in the whole design and unknowingly transforms into a dumping ground for all unwanted stuff. As your concerned guardian, we take it as our responsibility to bring you few highly essential tips to maintain a hygienic environment at home. This article provides you with easy and affordable organisation ideas that can convert this junkyard into a prim and proper storage place which can conveniently store anything from nails to huge SUV’s.

Get rid of unwanted stuff

A garage is the perfect dumping ground for anything and everything, and that is why it becomes the first hurdle to cross while designing a new garage. For a single person, this can be a very daunting task. Therefore, ask for help from your friends or family members. Try scrutinizing all the unwanted stuff by either trashing it or donating it to charity. You can also give it to your friends or relatives as a noble giveaway. Another interesting way to bid goodbye to all unwanted stuff is to organize a garage sale. So, now that you are left with all useful and important stuff, you can creatively design your garage and build storage spaces accordingly. You need to start with some cool wall colours and flooring patterns that can add life to this part of the house.

Designed by J-style Garage Co. Ltd. , professionals in garage doors from Japan, this garage design creatively incorporates space for an old sofa set, coffee tables, pictures, frames and rugs to add an additional warmth to this area.

Clean and repaint

Just like any other room, now that your garage is clutter free, it’s time to impart a completely new look and feel by colouring the place according to your wills and fancies. However, there are a few key points to note before you start painting. First, try opting for mute colours for ensuring a bigger and brighter look. This can be achieved with neutral wall colours and wallpapers as well. Similarly, for the ceiling try going for a subtle hue in line with the walls. The flooring, however needs to be given high level of importance. If you are open with budget, try going for shock absorbing, rubber wooden flooring that not only looks good but is also perfectly suited to bear the weight of heavy vehicles. Otherwise, light shaded stone or marble flooring also looks good for garages and sheds. Lighting, ventilation and acoustics are highly imperative if your garage is used more like an entertainment or a workshop area.

Label the boxes

Finding one single thing in a plethora of things can be a real troublesome job, especially when something is required on an urgent basis. The best way to get rid of this tension is to label the boxes while organizing them. As illustrated in the picture, you can go for covered or open cardboard boxes for maximum convenience and can label them with a permanent marker. To be honest, a garage storage cannot get easier than this. This will effectively save a lot of time and energy. Moreover, it gives the garage a neat, tidy and organized look that is highly impressive and noteworthy. If you are still short of space, you can even stack boxes, one on top of the other for maximum utility. Books, magazines, old newspapers and even DVD’s can be easily stacked over each other. You can segregate them according to month/year or even name.

Add more wall shelves

So now that your colour is done, you are all set to give your garage a new makeover. The essentially imperative factor behind garage storage is provision of storage space. This can be decided as per the layout and your utility. If your garage is majorly a vehicle resting station, you need to move everything on the side to make enough space for your beloved car, bike or even motorcycle. Employing wall hugging shelves and cabinets will ease off the storing process. You can build asymmetrical drawers and sections for easy placement of different irregular items. You may as well try to incorporate partially covered and exposed drawers for adding a visual appeal and functionality to the area. Similarly, if you use your garage for spending some quality ‘me’ time, then you can use the wall shelf for books, gadgets, entertainment devices and can decorate them with colourful paints, handcrafted collectibles and even stickers and decals.

Arrange according to size and utility

Now, after we are done with the boxes, there are still many items that require much larger space than a box. Accessories like spare tyres, jacks, jump wires, bike helmets and many others need a discreet space to rest. So, after you have laid your boxes make sure to line all items in style and in a space saving manner. All the wires can be wound upon a single hook. Similarly, types can either be stacked above each other or can be lined against each other in one corner. Both the techniques leave a lot of room for other purposes. If you are a music lover, you can arrange your audio and video CD’s line wise and alphabetically in one corner so that it’s easy for you to look for your favourite one. One major factor to keep in mind here is to place things according to utility. It means, your day to day things should be organized on the lower or easy accessible racks while the less required things can easily occupy the upper racks.

Employ separators for small items

A garage is full of all kinds of items. While it is extensively used for storing vehicles and accessories, it is also used for storing various minute elements that are required on a day to day basis. Workshop items like nails, screws, tools, hammers, etc. are tough to organize and knowingly or unknowingly can create a lot of clutter. A simple idea to organize these, is to use small separators or organizers to place each of them discreetly yet combined. You can employ one single drawer with numerous separators to place all of them together. It is a time saving and quicker way to complete tasks. Other items that can be saved in the same manner are car shampoos, wax, polishes and brushes. Just like a bathroom caddy, you can employ a wall hanging caddy for storing all these bottles and containers.

Use vertical space

Last but not the least, lets employ the smartest trick to garages as well. ‘In smaller spaces, go vertical’ works here as well. Bikes can always be too space consuming. This gets worse if you have kids in the house as then you have to deal with 3-4 bikes simultaneously. Storing bikes vertically is a great innovative idea that not only keeps them intact, but also saves a lot of space. Even in vertical space, bikes can be further folded like a sheet next to the ceiling. This is really helpful in case of numerous bikes. Vertical space can also be utilized for making wall shelves and cabinets to store less frequently used items.

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