10 tricks to make your home look more expensive

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You want your home to always look its best, naturally, but if you think you might sell it at some point, you really need to pay attention to all those details that will make it far more appealing to potential buyers! Essentially, you want your home to stand out in terms of usable space, sociable aspects and high-end styling, but if you don't know where to start, don't panic, as we have some amazing tips for you right here! We took a look at all the things that real estate agents like to make a big fuss about, when selling a house and have brought them altogether in one handy guide for you today, so if selling your home could be on the cards, take a look and see if there are any last minute projects that you can make time for!

1. Add terrace furniture.

It's all very well having a terrace attached to your home, but if it doesn't look ready to use and like a beautiful bonus space, it can fall a little flat. Adding some gorgeous terrace furniture will fix that in an instant and make potential buyers picture themselves out there in summer!

2. Create the illusion of more space with mirrors.

Small spaces can be a big drawback for people looking to buy a house, but you can create the illusion of twice as much room by adding in large mirrors. It's all a clever trick of the eye, but it's super effective and a widely used technique for making a home feel much bigger.

3. Invest in fewer statement pieces.

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Dining Table with enamel lamp shades


Don't cram lots of furniture into your home, as you will make it feel claustrophobic and small. Instead, look for a few statement pieces that demonstrate the inherent usability of the property and the potential for really upmarket style. You never know, potential buyers might actually make an offer on your furniture too!

4. Add an extra bedroom.

This isn't a quick fix, but if you have the time and budget to add an extra bedroom to your property, do it! It will increase the value of your home by more than it will cost and potential buyers with growing families will always be looking for houses that have more bedrooms than they actually need!

5. Paint your façade.

Your façade is your home's first impression and many buyers will make an instant decision as soon as they look at a house, so tidy it up! A simple freshening up of the paint will work wonders and if you have time, give the window and door frames an extra coat too!

6. Swap out boring light switches.

It's the little things that potential buyers notice, so why not swap out all your light switches for something a little fancier and more contemporary? We love brushed stainless steel versions, as they look so modern and won't break the bank either. Just be sure to switch off the electricity before you swap them out!

7. Update your window frames.

If your home has tired, old, energy inefficient windows, it is worth replacing them with something new. Yes, this can mean a big outlay, but it will save you money in terms of heating bills, not to mention add a huge amount of value to your home. Nobody wants to buy a home with windows that need replacing and buyers will pay more for something ready to use!

8. Swap out standard handles.

To give your kitchen a little more pizzazz, swap out your standard cupboard handles for something more jazzy and sleek. Handles won't cost a lot of money and they are quick and easy to change, but the impact can be dazzling. Seriously, try it for yourself, even if you aren't planning to sell your home!

9. Add fancy ceiling coving.

Standard coving looks fine, but really ornate versions add a certain something to all of your rooms that everybody notices. Just do one space at a time, but make sure you buy coving that isn't going to be discontinued, or you might have to start all over again to get a cohesive look!

10. Up your storage game.

If there is one thing that all potential buyers look for, it's integrated storage! Neat solutions, with sliding doors and barely there aesthetics always appeal, especially to large families that have a lot of belongings to house! Think about adding storage under your stairs, as this is a real draw!

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