12 stylish ideas for decorating your home entrance for Christmas

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Winter season has arrived, and it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit by decorating your home, including the façade and the yard. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Nothing beats the feeling of returning home at night to see the Christmas decorations and experiencing the magic in the air that makes this a special time of the year. Whether your prefer twinkling lights, Christmas trees or other décor to prepare your home for the season, here are some design ideas that will help you decorate the entrance of your home to bring joy and sparkle to the festivities.

1. Minimalist but stylish

You can decorate the yard, the lawn and the rooftop, but the look won’t be complete if you forget to add something in the entrance through which you receive your family, friends and visitors during the season. A simple Christmas wreath with symbolic elements such as pine, red ribbons and bells is a good choice for decorating the entrance.

2. Hang a wreath

 A wreath on the door dates back to the Roman era, when it was customary to receive a gift of ‘evergreen’ branches from friends during Christmas as a wish for good health. Placing the wreath on the door is believed to share the good fortune.

3. A tree of lights at the entrance

 If you like lights at the entrance, consider using LED to save on energy costs. Arrange it in the shape of a tree for a unique look.

4. Seasonal plants

Decorating with plants and trees is a cheap and eco-friendly option. Take advantage of the foliage and flowers that bloom during this season. Place them in a special pot or tie a red bow around a regular nursery pot to bring in the Christmas theme. Have a word with your gardener to see which plants he recommends.

5. Use poinsettias in small pots

Poinsettia is a great option for bringing Christmas colours to brighten your entrance. You can line up a row of them in small pots in your front yard or on windows and balconies.

6. Or plant them in your garden

If you have the space for it, plant some poinsettias in your garden so that you can enjoy their brightness for a few months after Christmas. What’s more, they will bloom next year just in time for Christmas.

7. A natural tree in the front of your house

If you already have a Christmas tree inside the house you can consider placing another one in your front yard. Choose from a classic pine or more contemporary options with a metal base and white lights.

8. An artificial one?

Nowadays, the choices aren’t restricted to pine or even traditional lights. You can even use a modern sculptural tree that brings in a contemporary touch to the spirit of Christmas.

9. Inside and outside windows

Another option is to decorate your windows with Christmas themed vinyl sheets. It adds a nice touch to the exterior décor in the yard, while simultaneously contributing to the interior ambiance.

10. Lights at different levels

Tiny rice lights add elegance to the décor. Use plenty of them in the front of your house – around columns or trees to create a magical setting.

11. Polar tableau

Use lights, figurines and holiday decorations to recreate a scene from the North Pole, where Santa lives. It’s a charming addition to a small corner in the house.

12. Stick to a theme

It’s important to have a theme or colour scheme in mind before you start decorating so that the result is synergistic. Red and white or silver and white are classic combinations used for Christmas décor.

See this ideabook for some garden decor ideas.

Do you have any Christmas decor tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments.

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