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6 beautiful double bedroom designs that you will love

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Kingswood, Surrey Luke Cartledge Photography Classic style bedroom
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Loving couple are the pillars of every family that nourish and cherish its joys and sorrows so they need to be at peace and harmony to help them support other members. The couple alternatively carries the baton of discipline and order to manage the home orchestra and ensure that all activities are done with minimum friction between members. As every couple has unending chores and responsibilities to fulfill their duties as caregivers and financial supporters they need to rest their mind and body in a peaceful region   

Here are designs of six beautiful and serene bedrooms that can provide the right environment for a busy couple to take time off from their earthly chores and rest their mind and body. These have been decorated with neutral color tones and comfortable furniture fitted with soft furnishings to encourage deep sleep which will fill the couple with energy and vitality.

Come and explore these beautiful bedroom designs with us !!

1. Reflections

Master Bedroom Entrance with Mirror Luke Cartledge Photography Classic style bedroom
Luke Cartledge Photography

Master Bedroom Entrance with Mirror

Luke Cartledge Photography

A bedroom as grand as this requires a monumental mirror and this one fits the grandeur that is enhanced by colorful chandelier before it. The size is perfect for a married couple as both can prepare themselves to step out for formal parties or family get-together. The large mirror framed in stainless steel is placed a little way from the bed and closer to the full length wardrobes to make it easy for the couple to check their overall appearance. The bedroom itself is decorated with combination of white and subdued grays that cover the walls.

2. Young and romantic

Passionate lavender and virginal white present a youthful and romantic combination in a minimalist bedroom that is focused only on comfort. A silver colored base bed with carved headrest and covered in white bed linen stands on a light wooden floor. The snow white pillows and headrest brings the couple together as they find comfort under the fur blanket and tuck themselves in with the small cushions. The colorful wall sconces above the bed cast soothing golden light if any one of the partners wants to read something or step out anytime in the night. Fortunately there are no televisions or other electronics to disturb the married couple.

3. Rustic yet modern




This bedroom is a perfect picture of comfort and coziness with a large combination of cushions and pillows around the headrest. The large windows with traditional slit design brings in light and sunshine across the day so the couple can even relax on the bed on a holiday and discuss their life’s challenges. The elegant design made out of wooden bars stretching across the entire wall above the headboard to one section of the roof and the wooden floor bring an air of lazy charm into the cozy rustic bedroom.

4. Fire and wood

This bedroom represents fire and warmth with the combination of wood and red furnishings everywhere. A majestic room where wood reigns and is swathed in rich tones of red and gold that are soft to touch as it is silk and velvet. The rich glow of wood veneers is highlighted by the blowtorch style lights that are fitted along the beams around the windows. This colonial style bedroom with mirrors above the bed and tiny lights embedded into the wooden beams on the floor is prefect for a newly wedded couple keen on locking away a lifetime of memories of romantic togetherness.

5. Contemporary elegance

Are they a sophisticated and modern couple, for them a room where black or grey reign is ideal along with white. The elegant and eclectic bedroom is sober and understated where the only adornment is the unusual lighting with lamps hanging down in unevenly sized pendants. The wooden floor is dominated by a simple carpet with geometric patterns that provides a perfect setting for a sober bed design with cushioned headboard in gray.

6. Magic of French style

The simple and magical beauty of French style has to be seen to be believed where plain colors make a make a striking contrast against white furniture. Everything in this bedroom from the bright ottoman to the stylish chair, headrest, sofa and the cupboard have the combination of white and yellow tones. The buttoned tapestry on the dresser and warm wood floor give the room an atmosphere of classic romance. These elegant bedrooms give you the perfect excuse to decorate your own bedroom and spend quality time together. 

Here are few more Cozy bedrooms to daydream about while designing your romantic bedroom.

Which bedroom did you like best? Do let us know your views.
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