8 tips to optimize your window wall

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The window wall or the wall space beneath the window can look bare and empty, making your living space feel naked if you leave it as it is. Sure you can hang some curtains over it, but this is really a waste in our opinion because actually you can really make use of the window wall to make your living space function, feel, and look better. In fact, window walls are awesome and can look great if you know what to do with them. Today we are going to discuss 8 ideas on how to optimize your window wall. 

Let's browse through these ideas and find out how we can make the most of the window wall space. We hope you will find some helpful tips here. 

Dressing up in natural light

The walk-in closet pictured here has a dressing table by the window wall. The mirror is placed against the window, creating an interesting visual effect. Putting on makeup, grooming, and dressing up is best done in natural light, so this is a really effective idea. 

Don't forget to install some blinds in the window area so that you can have some privacy while changing clothes, and then you easily raise the blinds when you need some natural light at the dressing table. 

This walk-in closet is designed by Camila Chalon Arquitetura, architects based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. 

Desk with a view

The window wall is a great place to set up a desk. It allows you to work and study in ample natural light, while enjoying the view of the outside world. This can increase work productivity and make it more enjoyable. 

Slanting windows like the one pictured here can be a bit tricky to dress up, but they offer a great view, and it shouldn't be wasted. 

Waking up to the sunrise

Placing your bed against the window is one way of waking up to the sunrise and enjoying it from the comfort of your bed. By night, you may be able to say good night to the moon if you're lucky enough. There is also the possibility of sleeping with the windows open and getting some fresh, cool air from outside.

Make sure you dress your windows with heavy curtains if you're sensitive to the light, and cannot sleep properly if it's too bright. You can always draw the curtains open conviently from your bed in the morning. If you've ever wondered if it's raining or how it looks outside when you're in bed, with this idea of placing your bed against the window wall, you won't have to go far to find out. 

Seating in the sunlight

Dijon Tumbled Limestone - Window Seat Floors of Stone Ltd Classic style kitchen
Floors of Stone Ltd

Dijon Tumbled Limestone—Window Seat

Floors of Stone Ltd

Make the most of your window wall by placing a bench or seating area by it. It will create a nice sunny place to read a book, have a cup of coffee or simply gaze out of the window and daydream. 

Pictured here, the seating area by the window wall has been built-in. Upholstery and cushions make this corner comfy and snug. You can also use the seating area as a hidden storage place. 

Display shelf and storage

Leaving the window wall empty is really a waste when you place a display shelf with drawers for storage underneath. You can also place a a vintage cabinet or something of your liking and taste against the window wall. 

Pictured here, we see some photo frames and flowers on top of the chest of drawers. This fills up the empty window wall, while also decorating it and adding functional storage. Space efficiency is clearly demonstrated here. 

Windowsill garden

The sunny window wall is an ideal place for a mini windowsill garden or simply a few potted plants. Plants can do wonders to add tranquility and beauty to a living space, plus they produce oxygen and improve the quality of the air inside the house. 

Pictured here, we see a small table and some chairs placed adjacent to the window wall, making the most of the natural light and the view outside. 

Sunny lounge

Dixie Sofa Loaf Classic style living room Sofas & armchairs

Dixie Sofa


If you have a window wall in the living room area, you could place a comfy couch against the wall, and you have a sunny lounge. Here, you can enjoy being bathed in warm sunlight while lying down or having a chat with family and friends. A sunny lounge is sure to lift your spirits and also fill up the empty space on the window wall efficiently. 

Browse through sofa designs here on homify for a suitable lounge to place by your window wall. 


Renovation of an old Bunglow, Anna Interiors Anna Interiors Rustic style living room
Anna Interiors

Renovation of an old Bunglow

Anna Interiors

You can also choose to dress up your window wall Indian traditional style with a divan. Throw a few ethnic Indian inspired cushions and textiles on the divan, and you have a cozy place to chill. It also comes in handy when you have a lot of guests at home. 

We hope you've found these tips to optimize your window wall helpful. For more divan designs, have a look at 8 stylish divan designs

Do you have any other tips on how to optimize the window wall? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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