30 Pictures of beautiful snow covered houses for you this Christmas

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In the chill of winter when the earth covers itself in a blanket of crystal white; the architect thinks about the perfect home. A cosy cabin to enjoy the winter while indoors, with a warm fireplace and a newspaper rolled up in his lap.

Here’s a collection of such homes, handsomely placed in the woods. Some of these homes are grander than others. As you’ll see, there’s the quintessential farm mansion, the adventure’s cabin and other picturesque homes that find a cosy place in untamed nature.

We hope that this article will bring to you, the winter inspiration that you have been looking for

1. The classic american farmhouse

2. The hillside wooden cabin

3. The prairie sit out

You can hire a designer to attain the look you desire.

4. The lakefront villa

6.The eco-adventurer’s lodge

7. The compact hillside mansion

8.The riverside lodge

9. The barnhouse style villa

10. The Sophisticated Resort Lounge

11. The modern barnhouse villa

12. Hill view wooden lodge

13. Compact suburban villa

14. Stone aesthetic hillside bungalow

15. Switzerland style rustic wooden villa

16. The fusion resort villa

18. The american dream bungalow

19. The rudimentary villa apartment

20. The quaint garden villa

22. The japanese inspired mountain home

23. The futuristic snow cabin

24. The comfy fairy tale cabin

25. The bright mountain home

26. The boarded wooden garden

27. The mountain side ski villa

28. The mountain view chalet

29. The mountain mansion house

30. The mountainside stone villa

31. The contemporary sylvan apartment house

32. The villa community in the Alps

33. The sophisticated ski cabin

334 Clay shingle roofed mountain home

35. The stone & light aesthetic home

36. The avant gard villa home

37. The tranquil wooden cabin retreat

38. The festive spirited wooden cabin

39. The small but functional hill home

40. The chic mountain villa

41. The wooden mountain duplex

42. The mountain apartment complex

43. The sylvan wooden cabin

44. The hillside closet

45. Apocalyptic snow cabin

ECOLO HOUSE, l.ink l.ink Modern houses

46. The vantage snow villa

47. The school house residence

48. The hillside paradise home

49. The wooden barn house villa

50. The contemporary barn villa

51. The wooden apartment house

52. The stalwart villa home

53. The vanguard glass resort

54. The glass house farm

55. The pianist’s snow studio

56. The stone snow villa

57. The shire style cabin

58. The stone and wood constructed home

59. The bosomy snow home

60. The snow capped pine forest home

61. The wooden sauna cabin home

62. The low key high value home

Dutch Mountain, KRFT KRFT Modern houses

63. The snow artist’s studio home

Alpina#1, forma forma Modern houses Black
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