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14 best (and worst) of garden investments you can make

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When vast spaces are available around the house that can be turned into a garden, then most people go overboard in trying to create a striking space that is worthy of representation in local news. In this excitement for appreciation it is easy to lose focus on matters of importance and get carried away with frivolous details that may not be worth the expenditure.

Here are some useful tips provided by professionalgardeners and landscape designers of Homify that we have compiled that can serve as a handy guide to people that are planning to create their garden. This guide gives insight into both good and bad investments that one can make while setting up a garden that can serve as a precautionary measure for everyone.

1. Importance of paved spaces

Paved surfaces around the garden can be made of both and stone and wooden planks as they serve to enhance the attractiveness of a garden. While wooden paved sections help to demarcate areas between garden and house they also prove a deterrent to small pests from crawling into the house as they feel exposed over open ground.

2. Problem with expensive plant varieties

Though exotic plant varieties look great and can be the pride and joy of a garden, they are not a good investment as these are expensive and require a lot of care. While some of them require expensive nutritional supplements to grow and flourish  a few fancy varieties need permanent hot-house conditions that may not be worth the expense.

3. Dull wall fence

While  high boundary walls provide privacy from curious strangers passing by or neighbors that are more interested in your life than their own it not need always comprise of plain wooden planks or grey concrete alone. To retain privacy within the garden, fences and gates can be created out of these same materials in an artistic way that meets demands of style and good taste, along with privacy and peace.

4. Use solar energy for lighting

The worst thing a family can do for their garden is to use fossil fuel for lighting needs when there are so many natural options like solar and wind energy which do not leave any carbon footprint. Besides using solar energy one can also have heat sensitive lighting system wherein bulbs light up only when some human or animal comes within its periphery.

5. Grow shrubs

If the garden is large and it is difficult to maintain greenery across the year then use top-structural plants like these shrubs that grow densely and cover the earth tightly. These shrubs usually spread without much effort on nurturing and maintaining them and cover the bare earth with deep carpet of greenery that makes the garden look mature and healthy.

6. Useless water features

While water features like fountains, fish ponds, waterfalls and tiny streams look great in the garden but are difficult to maintain if it is located in a place where there is scarcity of water. While ponds and streams can use underground resources, fountains and waterfalls require electricity to run motors that enable these activities which may again lead to wastage of electricity.

7. Charm of evergreen trees

It is always advisable to keep combination of flowering plants with evergreen trees which will help to keep the garden lush and vibrant throughout the year.

8. Cactii in the middle

If you want to have plants on the empty deck or porch region then try planting them on the sides and never in the middle. There is nothing worse than having plants growing in the middle of these wooden platforms that are bound to make people trip. A vast collection of several new varieties of cacti surely require a more better display area than a faded wooden platform.

9. Setting up a veranda or porch

Why not use the empty area between rear garden and backyard of the house to set up a covered area like a porch, patio or veranda with garden furniture and recliners to enjoy good weather in summer and winter.  Who does not want to enjoy candle-light dinner or tea in the fresh air every now and then listening to soothing music?

10. Natural pesticides and nutrients

Plants need essential nutrients that may not be available in natural soil along with pesticides to combat insects and pests that can destroy flowers and leaves. Instead of using harmful chemical based pesticides and nutritional liquids it is best to products which use natural ingredients.

Portable Grille

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Romana wood fired oven

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While most outside grills are placed around patios or close to the back veranda under a covered roof, portable grilles can also be moved around the garden if there is a large outdoor party. Several fuel options are available today for cooking a whole range of edibles besides the tried and tested roasted chicken on charcoal fire.

12. Strange garden decorations

These mass produced garden decorations like strange wooden wheels and clay statue do not add expected style to the region and instead look weird and out of place. It would have been better if common cherubic dolls or animal figures were fitted here instead of these objects.

13. Why hire a professional

If you want the garden to look perfect and well –kept at all times then the best option would be to hire a professional gardener willing to take on the responsibility of maintaining the garden.  This will save you the worry and stress associated with keeping garden perfect at all times.

14. Importance of weather proof furniture

While expensive wood furniture look elegant and trendy in the garden they are very vulnerable to weather conditions like rain, harsh sunlight and strong winds and deteriorate at a faster rate then iron or stone furniture.  So people planning to have garden furniture should be prepared to keep them indoors after completion of every outdoor gathering or use furniture that can bear all weather conditions without showing any signs of damage over a period of time. 

Here are more tips to Make the most of your small garden.

Which garden investment did you like the best? Would you like to share that with us in your comments below?
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