A modern yet traditional family home in Indore

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When we build and furnish a house, we lend it with a certain character. Each room reflects the personality of the person who lives in it and the styles and elements chosen by the designer or architect. The house we’re going to look at today is a luxurious abode rendered by the interior designers and decorators at Shadab Anwari & Associates in Indore, India. This stylish residence features a fascinating mix of traditional and contemporary elements, as was desired by the owners. Let’s take a tour!

An elegant façade

The impressive exterior of the house makes it an eye-catching feature in this residential area! It has a sophisticated linear design all through its three levels, with each level having the benefit of a balcony or terrace to enjoy the view. The light colours of the building are beautifully contrasted with elegant grey accents.

Relaxing in the private courtyard

The charmingly designed private courtyard gives us a clue to the lavish décor inside the house. The unique design of the white and grey marble floor goes well with the natural beauty of the grassy area, the little pond and the gorgeous green wall of creepers, creating an environment that is just perfect for relaxation!

A refined living area

What a trendy and refined décor in the living area! The combination of beige and brown tones has been executed to perfection with an opulent marble floor, stylish sofas, a trendy glass-topped wooden coffee table and fancy table lamps. The interesting accent wall highlights the contemporary feel of this space.

Blending the old and the new

The beauty of the carved wooden panels is enhanced by concealed lighting. And the very contemporary coffee table and the comfortable modern sofas balance the traditional richness of the panels nicely. The white marble floor adds a touch of refinement while the carpet provides a splash of colour.

Monochromatic splendour in the kitchen

The kitchen is a classy combination of glossy black and sparkling white, accompanied by trendy fittings and a few glass-fronted cabinets that add extra style. This is a functional kitchen with a convenient U-shaped countertop and sufficient storage space.

An opulent bedroom

The black and white theme continues in the bedroom, with the black marble floor creating a bold and striking effect! The vinyl decorative panels on the wall are a display of famous structures from around the world.

A gorgeous terrace

The terrace has a predominant rustic theme with a striking floor in various brown hues, which teams well with stylish stone claddings and beautiful plants. The white rocks gleaming in blue light add a magical feel! What a fashionable space for an evening party!

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