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17 modern ideas that will make your walls look beautiful!

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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The coating you select for the walls of your house can make or break the overall aesthetic. In this ideabook, we will show you some tips on materials that can be perfect for wall coating.

All the ideas are created after keeping in mind the taste, budget, and preferences of homeowners. So, follow us in this quest:

1. ​Stone lining

The image here displays a popular stone in Italy, which is known for its rustic and rough look. Even after polishing, it won’t lose the porous texture it contains.

2. ​Rustic stone

This stone wall is quite a contrast to the rest of the house. It’s a thick, heavy, and uneven wall acting as a divider between the two rooms. As the appearance is heavy, try it in small amounts.

3. ​Dandy marble

From the ancient Greeks and Romans to today’s modern era, marble is one material that can never get old.  Different types of grains, colours, and patterns can be availed in marbles and the good part is, it is manageable too.

4. ​Brick texture

The brick is not a coating rather it can be considered as a building material that can also be used as a decorative coat for the wall.  Mix it with your desired choice of textures and paint colours.

5. ​Melamine

It’s an elegant house with lots of modern and daring melamine features. Regardless of the shape and size, this texture fits into all types of walls.

6. Decorative stone

The textures of the house is less rustic and consumes less space than that of natural stones. For greater ease of installation and management, consider thin blocks and see how it elevates the aesthetic of the house.

7. ​Wood

Wood is a beautiful and flexible choice for wall coatings. The best part is it can give a casual, sophisticated, as well as rustic look to the house. Try it either in large plates or strips to make the ambiance enchanting.

8. ​Granite

Granite is the small piece of glass that acts like tile and can be incorporated in areas like kitchen and bathroom. Along with offering luminosity, it also brings the ease of cleaning.

9. ​Why not mirrors

We are used to seeing mirrors on the interior walls, but covering the outside walls can also be a right choice like this house.

10. ​Dimensional ceramics

Tiles do come in three-dimensional design and this can be your real inspiration. One great example is this decorative piece.

11. ​Porcelain tiles

Porcelain and O-tiles tiles become more interesting when they combine with right accessories, furniture, and colours. Opt for inviting colours and murals just the way this house has held.

12. ​Plasterboard

One of the best ways to coat a wall is by using plasterboard. It’s an elegant detail that can define the way your home looks.

13. Liming

Pure lime paint with water is the most economical and ecological way to add a modern charm in your house. Designers recommend white as a good option to keep the house fresh and crisp.

14. ​Steel

If your home is built with concrete, wood, and light material, a layer of insulating material like glass fiber and steel lamination can be bold and sensational.

15. ​Compressed wood

Compressed wood can be a chic, light, and versatile option for your home. Take an example from this home.

16. ​Microcemento

Microcemento is a flexible option to give your house a rugged look. A lot of stylish and colorful options can be availed and this can be a path towards generating warmth and harmony in the house.

17. ​Concrete apparent

The apparent concrete with horizontal and vertical slats can be considered as the ruling material for the façade as well as the internal walls. 

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Which one of these wall coverings was your favourite?

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