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6 Pictures of amazing transformation of a house

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Making a new house from foundation level and upwards is an easily achievable task if the designs, materials and manpower are in place and there are no climatic damages. Remodeling, rebuilding or extending some sections of the house is the toughest part reconstruction as then one has to focus on making changes without disturbing existing structure. Under these circumstances the construction expert has to have complete understanding about existing electrical layout, plumbing, followed by strength of foundation.

All this is done to ensure that the additions and changes made to the building does not lead to disaster or collapse of the original structure. An experienced architect would be able to tell if required changes can be made in the house and which sections would have to be demolished to achieve the desired results. In this Homify article we will show you how the restoration and renovation professionals managed to remodel and transform a house practically in ruins to a modern abode with latest fittings. This before and after pictures will help you to accept some plan diversions that the architect suggests when remodeling your house.

1. A glimpse into the past

This gloomy and weather beaten house with the dim light flickering in the entrance and surrounded by cracked boundary walls appears straight out of a horror movie. The abode had suffered neglect for several years leading to visible signs of water damage and growth of grass and shrubs around the border. Some of the glass windows appear cracked and broken as the wood around the frames have rotted away due to lack of care and protection from the elements.

This collection of pictures gives glimpses into the condition of the house before reconstruction so that you can appreciate the magical transformation and the imaginative foresight of its general contractors that envisioned the new structure.

2. Unrecognizable

There cannot be any comparison between the previous rotting abode and this trendy industrial style house with open spaces between the boundary wall and main house. Instead of leaving empty space between the actual boundary of the property and the street, the contractors have made the external boundary wall right on the real boundary to help them create larger rooms within the house.

Some sections of the exterior facade created out of small brick slabs has been left bare to lend a rustic air of color to the abode that is natural. The perimeter wall has also been dressed with similar color but its strength is reinforced with iron railings in blue that separates the house from others on the street. This combination of iron railings and bricks softens the facade which would otherwise have appeared too severe with just a iron grill.

3. Noticeable touches

The main access area or entrance of the new house is complimented with a  small rock garden which has a few plants that are easy to maintain and improve the aesthetics of the area. The combination of brick wall with white walls and long rectangular windows represent a minimalist expression of design. All the colors and materials here are perfectly matched and complement each other as the concrete eaves protects the wooden door entrance after house renovation.

4. Spacious kitchen

Neutral tones across floors, walls and ceiling dominate the interior layout and decor of this house. While the living and dining areas have been integrated into an open floor hall with furniture neatly arranged in different sections and subtly divided by layout structure, the kitchen has a private section of its own. Besides remaining perfectly connected to the social areas of the house, the kitchen is also attached to the back garden with a wide rear door opening into the backyard.

The modern kitchen has two counters that face each other and are used for a combination of activities like cooking, washing dishes, and preparation of food. The floor is a combination of white tiles interspersed with small black squares that creates an interesting chess pattern.

5. Expanding in size and volume

The previous rear wall was broken and aged so the entire wall was rebuilt with a new design which is both bright and welcoming. Now a set of colorful red brick walls flank the entrance and all white boundary wall that surrounds the house. There is also a new patio beside the kitchen on the rear side that is  protected by twin glass doors that block access to the region as it leads directly into the kitchen from the garden. 

6. Customising as per demand

While laying out their requirements for the renovators, the owner was very particular about expansive covered parking space for twin cars. This demand led to creation of empty covered area near the garage that was ventilated and lighted as the layout was structured in that manner. To make use of this empty space the renovators decided to set up a deck with small skylights and set up a new barbecue area for entertaining guests in the rear garden. The delightful transformation of this house is perfect for those living in rundown houses to undertake an exercise in renovation and revitalization. 

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