8 Christmas decoration ideas for your home

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Christmas is all about fun, family, cosy home decor, and beautiful lights. Thankfully, that part of the year is finally here when everything around is merry and amazing. Christmas brings with it a long holiday and thousands of reasons to celebrate the winters.

Let’s celebrate these magical moments with top-appreciated Christmas decorations of all time. So, if you are about to throw a Christmas party for friends and family, you should definitely take note:

1. ​Bring in the candles

Arrange the candles in all sizes, styles, and fragrances. Eucalyptus branches and seeds will be quite pleasant to be placed amidst the candles. Use glass containers filled with dry branches to give a bit of rustic touch.

Here the table has been decorated with white and red candles. The glass containers filled with seeds, dried nuts, eucalyptus and small star-shaped lights are also the center of attraction here.

2. ​Wall decor

Decorate the walls of your house with green garlands and statue of reindeer head. Opt for some bright coloured  lighting balls as well. 

​3. The transparent tree lights

Nothing makes more of a statement than a huge Christmas tree just in front of the house. But not all are fortunate to have pine trees growing on the front door. So, here you have a better option for creating a Christmas tree. 

Transparent tree lights  in front of the house can be put together in the shape of an actual Christrmas tree. This design is pretty simple and adds a dose of Christmas spirit outside the home.

4. ​Around the fireplace

Delicate Christmas garlands are wrapped around the fireplace to make the right adornment. If you are looking for easy decorations, then these can be a great alternative since there is no specific pattern or size needed to make the decoration out of box. Just select a colour that matches well with the decor.

The area around the fireplace is in glossy cream shade, leaving the decorators with an option to add pink garlands. On the upper part, there are green shrub decors holding the white light. 

5. ​Candles in small ornaments

Visit the nearby store and you can see lots of candle holders on display. A lot of DIY can also be tried when it comes to Christmas decorations.

Make crowns and different shapes with the help of wooden and steel pipes. The table in this living room holds several decorative items, including small pots that hold the woods and grasses beautifully. A lot of lights and decks have been used here to add to the festive look.

6. ​Ladders as the Christmas tree

This is one of the easiest yet interesting pieces of décor you can add to your home. Bring in any unused ladder in your room and give it a fresh new look by hanging stars and bells all over. A lot of decorative pieces are available in the market and you can surely take the help of any of it.

7. ​Quirky lights

The Christmas tree is a must have in any house when you are concentrating on Christmas decoration. And if you have complementing lights, then it can be the right addition for you. Check out this room and you will see that the ceiling lights draw equal attention as that of the Christmas tree.

8. ​Vinyl coating

This Christmas opt for vinyl design for decorating the walls. The intricate design here is made up of removable wall stickers that can be availed in a number of colours and designs. Along with maintaining the traditional value, the one in these images also withholds a modern charm.

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