10 window designs to make your façade look good

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Windows are a significant part of any home as they invite in natural light and fresh air, in addition to providing views of the surroundings. However, their role isn’t restricted to providing indoor functionality. Windows can also help to add elegance to the home’s façade, ensuring that the first impression is stunning.

Considering the importance of window design to a home’s exteriors, we’ve put together 10 ideas that show you how the right proportion and style of a window can add beauty to a home.

​1. Multiple picture frames

Having large windows brings in more natural light. However, it can make the façade look a bit too simple. A nicer option is to have the large windows on different sides of the house so that the rectangular frames not only divide the space internally but also present a different view within each frame. Windows that face away from the street also help to keep the home more private.

2. Arches always add elegance

In a classic style façade, arched windows are commonly used to bring a lovely feature that enhances the exteriors. In this home, the arch and design of the main door matches the two windows on the sides, bringing a luxurious look to the home’s façade.

3. White pallet windows against a pastel background

For a home with a tropical or countryside theme, windows are a great way to achieve the desired look. In this lovely home, notice how the exterior façade is painted in a pleasant pastel shade, while the rustic pallet windows are coated with white paint to provide a beautiful contrast?

4. Vertical modern lines

Rectangular frames are a part of every modern home, but rather than having the same size and shape on all the windows, mixing it up with a few elongated vertical frames brings a distinguished element to the exterior. Placing lights at the side highlights the beauty of the windows.

5. Metal and wood combination

A rustic home, especially one that has a wooden exterior, needs frames that stand out of the façade. Using a lighter shade of wood for the outer frames of the windows helps to create a contrast. Black metal is used as the internal frames for the panes to bring in sophistication.

6. Paired in symmetry

In this home, using pairs of windows in different areas breaks the monotony of having similar windows on the façade. Although the façade has four different shapes and styles of frames, they look symmetrical because they are placed in pairs.

7. Mirror finish

Windows with a mirror finish help to maintain the privacy indoors without blocking out the view from the house. They also bring a modern and elegant look to the façade, besides adding to the beauty by reflecting the greenery in the surroundings.

8. Crystal clear

This house is the perfect example of the fact that you can’t have too many windows. The glass façade not only makes it stand out in the street, but adds a beautiful feature to the exterior.

9. Bright frames

You can uplift the dullness of a plain façade with a bold colour on the window frames. The vibrant yellow used around this window makes the façade pop besides adding energy and warmth to overall look of the home.

10. Textures to contrast

It takes more than a window to make a memorable façade. Adding texture to the home’s façade with stone cladding and using a warm wooden window frame to complement it makes the exteriors look sophisticated.

See 9 ideas to renew the home entrance with stone slabs for tips on adding texture to your façade.

Which of these designs would be a perfect fit for your home? Write a comment to let us know.

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