5 pools for small but modern homes

Leigh Leigh
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In this project we have put together a list of five swimming pools that are ideal for those homes with terraces that are not very wide. You won't believe how many modern and sleek options exist!

If you are about to make a decision about whether or not you should have a swimming pool in your backyard, then you have come to right place. Here you will find designs that will inspire as well as recommendations to enhance the decor and design of your outdoor area. You will also come across some useful tips that will be of great help when it comes to some stylish touches. 

Hopefully these will all convince you that a swimming pool is right for you! 

But have a look through the below and make up your mind.

1. A swimming pool in a curvilinear design

One of the main guidelines that you should follow when it comes to designing a swimming pool is to integrate it into the space, rather than imposing it so that it takes up too much space. Adapt the design according to the size of your property. This is fundamental for the creation of a harmonious environment. 

In this particular design, we can see how an oval shape has been created, giving the backyard a beautiful, classic swimming pool with smooth lines and curves.

2. Covered pool with waterfall and stone wall

Indoor pool with waterfall features, sauna and stainless steel spa Tanby Pools Modern pool
Tanby Pools

Indoor pool with waterfall features, sauna and stainless steel spa

Tanby Pools

If you're looking for a modern swimming pool, this is the best example! With a stone wall and a water feature, otherwise known as a weeping wall, this is the best pool on the block! The lighting also enhances the details and design of this space, while the glass wall subtly separates the pool from the sauna. 

This is a very modern, elegant and sophisticated design!

3. A raised swimming pool with a rustic edge

If you are someone who prefers an easy and practical design, then this type of swimming pool is for you! The assembly and construction of a raised swimming pool does not involve long-term installations and this is a much cheaper option.

Do you see how the rustic design also enhances the entire garden? The designers have given an edgy aesthetic appeal to it by installing rocks around the edge. This type of style would work for any home.

4. Oval swimming pool on a wooden deck

Wood is one of the most popular materials when it comes to modern decor. It is versatile and sustainable as well as very adaptable. 

As we can see in this design by professionals Poolsana, it also makes for a very sleek design. What's more is that it's non-slip so the kids won't fall if they are running around the pool!

5. Swimming pool hot tub

When neither budget nor time is a problem, then you can afford to go for more detailed designs and projects. While they make take a bit more time and be slightly more expensive, this is an investment worth making!

This is demonstrated by this beautiful swimming pool tub, which is made of stones. The polished finishes and Roman touches convey an atmosphere of elegance and style. 

Always remember to consult a professional team, however, who have experience in design and construction. This will guarantee a job well done.

Also have a look at what to know before building a swimming pool.

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