How to save money for home (part two)

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So here we are with part two of our must-read guide to saving money as a homeowner and we have 15 more fantastic ideas for you to enjoy. 

It's no secret that maintaining a home can get costly, but we've honed in on those small home improvement ideas that can make a big difference and we aren't afraid to share them with you. Most of these tips talk about tasks that could cost you a pretty penny if you hired a handyman, but if you tackle them yourself the savings will be huge. 

Let's take a look and start living more frugally!

16. Use a washcloth for paint repairs

GREY SHADED WITH PINK TASSIL TABLE RUNNER homify Modern dining room Accessories & decoration



Instead of messing up a paintbrush when you need to touch up paint, use a kitchen cloth that you can throw away afterwards. 

It will look like a roller effect.

17. Hang measuring cups

Tall curved shaker cupboard homify Country style kitchen

Tall curved shaker cupboard


Measuring cups and spoons are awkward to house and easy to lose, so hang them on hooks on the back of kitchen cupboard doors. 

You won't need to keep replacing them then!

18. Have a 'junk bag' instead of a drawer

Book Bag : Element Study Series : Ginkgo, SL design SL design Eclectic style bedroom Natural Fibre Textiles
SL design

Book Bag : Element Study Series : Ginkgo

SL design

Instead of having a drawer where miscellaneous items get lost, just have a tote in your laundry or utility room. Then you shouldn't keep buying new things that you already have.

19. Add sneaky storage to rafters

Don't buy expensive shelving systems when your rafters have pockets of available space for free.

20. Keep manuals in Ziplock bags

Buying replacement equipment manuals is a costly affair, so place them in Ziplock bags and hang on the back of cupboard doors in the relevant room.

21. Create a hanging rail for cleaning tools

Natural Bark Trook Dustpan & brush, Fate London Fate London Rustic style houses Accessories & decoration
Fate London

Natural Bark Trook Dustpan & brush

Fate London

Dirty cleaning apparatus needs replacing more often, so make a hanging rail for yours and keep them dirt-free.

22. Make more of your pedestrian garage door

Your garage side door can be a wealth of extra hanging space if you add hanging rails to the back of it. 

23. Keep an eye out for mould

Single button mixing tap for basin homify Modern bathroom

Single button mixing tap for basin


Tackle mould as soon as you spot it or it could become a big, costly issue. White vinegar is a good deterrent. 

24. Softwood can attract pests

Towel warmers Style Within Modern bathroom large towel warmers,chrome towel warmers,stripped wood floor,double basin,twin basin,illuminated cabinet,en-suite,towel warmers,bathroom radiators
Style Within

Towel warmers

Style Within

Termites love softwood so treat yours once a year to prevent the problem occurring. Pest control experts can charge a fortune!

25. Know when to involve your insurance company

Exterior - Before and After Side dormer A1 Lofts and Extensions Modern houses
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Exterior—Before and After Side dormer

A1 Lofts and Extensions

Excesses and insurance costs are often huge outlays, so know when to pay for something outright to preserve your no claims bonus.

26. See new windows as a good investment

If you have old, inefficient windows in your home they could be costing you a lot of money in lost heating. Maybe new windows would actually be a good investment in the long run?

27. Always lock your garage door

It's easy to forget but locking your garage could save you money in the event of a theft. Even old tools are a temptation for opportunists.

28. Always unclog your drains

Sink with drain grooves on the worktop AD3 Design Limited Classic style kitchen Sinks & taps
AD3 Design Limited

Sink with drain grooves on the worktop

AD3 Design Limited

A slow drain could be indicative of a mounting issue. Clear your drains regularly to prevent a big blockage that will cost a lot of money to fix!

29. Don't neglect the dryer

Handle less Polar white Glamour, PTC Kitchens PTC Kitchens Modern kitchen
PTC Kitchens

Handle less Polar white Glamour

PTC Kitchens

Not cleaning out your dryer filter regularly will make it run inefficiently. Not only that, you could shorten the life expectancy of the machine meaning you'll have a replacement cost to deal with.

30. Add extra locks

Front Door and porch homify Country style houses

Front Door and porch


It'll only take a minute or two to add some extra security to your front door, so take the time. Just imagine how much you could stand to lose if someone managed to get in!

If you missed part one of this guide, check it out here: 30 money-savings tips all homeowners should know (part one).

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