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homify 360°: Casa Moné, Mexico

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NIVEL TRES ARQUITECTURA Eclectic style dining room
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Sometimes, in some particularly visually impressive homes, it can seem that interesting and unique design may have trumped comfort. Many of the interiors that are most notable for their layout and furnishings are in fact far from practical as living spaces. It may seem an obvious statement, and one that should be self-evident, but to many people it isn’t: comfort and style do not have to be mutually exclusive. Far from it. It’s entirely possible to combine the two; and indeed, in many cases, putting comfort at the forefront of your design plans can actually remove aesthetic limitations rather than create them. Such is the case with Casa Moné, a home in Mexico designed by architecture firm Niv3l. Here, comfort and relaxation are the defining themes at the root of every design decision. The result is an interior with a very distinctive, and very welcoming, style of its own.

​The blue sofa

Let’s start in the living room, where the gentle pastel hues, subtle florals and invitingly soft quilted fabrics on display provide a good taste of what’s in store throughout the rest of the interior. Everything is very quiet, very nonabrasive; notice how even the reflective surface of the coffee table has been carefully aged to prevent it from giving off too sharp a gleam. Dusky tones and neutrals abound, with the marble floor primly covered with a plain cream-coloured rug. Having a rug makes the room feel altogether warmer than if the floor were to be left exposed; but at the same time, it allows that beautiful stone to be visible around the edges of the room.

​Flowers and wine

Floral prints are the perfect fit for a home that is, above all else, absolutely homey.  In the background, that unusual full-wall geometric wine rack serves the triple purpose of storing the family wine collection, providing a barrier from the dining area beyond, and serving as a unique and visually interesting decorative piece.

​All in the detail

Sweet, old-fashioned touches here and there highlight the traditional inspiration behind this interior. This little globe, for example, is the perfect accessory for a living room such as this one.

​The cream sofa

The living room’s second sofa, with its multiple rows of comfy cushions, looks every bit as cosy as the first. Here, however, neutral tones reign; the soft blue of the other sofa has already brought enough colour into this understated space.

​The dining area

The broad variety of wall textures used in this home is an important part of its design and has a special role to play in making the place feel so overwhelmingly family-oriented. The wood used here is a good example of the visually warming effect a carefully chosen wall can produce.

​The first bedroom

The same dim lighting and quilted upholstery seen in the living room make another appearance here, and as you might expect there are cushions aplenty too.

​The second bedroom

Books are a clear symbol of peaceful domesticity; a house without books could never feel as truly home-like as this one does. The method of display seen here is an unusual one; not only does the bookcase occupy an entire wall, it also doubles as a headboard, having a blank, shelf-less space built in behind the bed.

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