7 Small indoor garden ideas for the modern home

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With the advent of creativity and innovation, your home can house more than just furniture and decor. In-house gardens are the latest fad and you can accommodate small pots and trees in your home. All you need is a good location, suitable plants and adequate light sources. Winter gardens can vary in styles; but this time we present to you minimalist and modern gardens that you can recreate in your home.

1. Turn your garden into an exhibition space

We recommend a stone garden if you find that space is dearth in your home. If you do not know what to do with the space made available to you, then stone gardens are ideal. One of the great intricacies of this Japanese inspired stone garden is that it creates a contrast between the rest of the home and, this unique space for serenity.

You can hire and designer to attain the look you desire.

2. Location is essential

For a garden in all  its entirety indoors, you must keep in mind that plants take a considerable amount of time to grow. Some plants require a lot of care and space, while most of them require time for pruning in a place that has a sufficient amount of light. In order to create this garden, you need to find an appropriate space within your home. Drill a hole deep within the foundation of your house and start planting the tree you want. To add a  finishing touch to it, create a path of white stones around it.

3. Choose the plant species wisely

Consider the characteristics of the plant that you wish to grow, before you set out to grow them. Take into account the fact that light and temperature outside aren’t the same as they are indoors. We recommend that you choose plants with medium or low resistance to temperature, and with sparce requirement of sunlight to grow.

4. Winter Gardens Love Light

One of the best places to plan an indoor garden is under a skylight. This way your plant receives the natural light that it requires to grow and can also carry out the quintessential process of photosynthesis. If you have experience with plants inside your home, you will notice that sometimes they tend to lean in one direction. This is because they seek sunlight. If you do not have a skylight, place your plants under artificial lights or near a window.

5. Creative decoration

Another way that you can create a modern interior garden is to create a succulent bed of sturdy plants, such as St. George's Sword. You can create them behind your armchair or along the border of rooms. If the thought of  soil will ruining your chairs get to you, then you can place stones on the floor. This leaves the planted area looking more elegant and modern while ensuring cleanliness in the room.

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6. Under the stairs

While this is one of the least exploited areas in the house, it is the most ideal for just about anything. Positioning a modern garden beneath the stairs is one of the best choices made available to you. While it is not necessary to place a great deal of plants, you need to know which one is best for the space at hand. Place larger stones, as this keeps the space looking decorative, by blending the essence of the garden with modern decor.

7. Create a point of interest

If you want to make a spectacular space of your indoor garden, then try adding a textured wall and some fluorescent lighting. Remember to choose plant species that grow well in pots. The most important thing, is that you find satisfaction and peace with the indoor garden of your creation.

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