20 Great ideas to get everything organised in your kitchen

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To cook at home in a small kitchen means it must be perfectly designed to allow you to move about without limits. Also, what’s vital is a good storage design, and adequate work space.

On this occasion, we've gathered intelligent kitchen ideas on how to store food, spices and dishes. These ideas are practical, inexpensive and easy to recreate anywhere. Take note and use the space in your kitchen to the max!

1. A long all covered drawer with space for spices

Here’s something every kitchen should have, a long drawer with adequate storage space. It’s simple enough to install it in your home, and the advantages are immense. You have a place to keep your cutlery within easy reach, and also a flat surface for cooking.

2. Furniture with shelves and drawers for optimal distribution

Here’s storage space at its best! It’s space conserving too and give you adequate room to store foods that do not need refrigeration or have a long shelf life. The best part about this type of cupboard is its height and width, which allows you pick up ingredients quickly and without bending; but also lets you store kitchen essentials in a way that the ones you don’t use everyday can be placed at the back.

3. A small pull out cupboard that’s perfect for storing spices

When cooking, sometimes you just have to reach out and pull out the spices. This is a great way to store spices in your kitchen. The design is simple enough, but lets you glance at your entire stock with one look and pick the ones you want. This kind of spice shelf is also not difficult to install in your modular kitchen, so give it a go!

4. Vertical floor to ceiling storage to make the most of the space!

Space is the biggest constraint in a small kitchen. If you don’t have much make the most of what you have. In this case, a vertical floor to ceiling drawer or cupboard is the best. It’s thin, but it adds so much more utility to your modular kitchen. Also it lets you store kitchen essentials vertically, so you have more room to pick and choose while cooking, because it keeps everything within reach and in plain sight.

5. Removable cabinets are ideal for all styles of kitchens: modern, rustic or minimalist, etc

Here’s another example of a long and slender kitchen cupboard. It may not be the right place to store jars, but this cabinet allows you to keep cans, sachets or bags in a neat and organized manner. When you have slender kitchen cupboards, it means you can have more than one and hence more storage space!

6. Setup appliances together for an aesthetic design

The right aesthetics for a modern kitchen, can transform the way it looks! To make things look neat and tidy, also give you more room in the kitchen, keep appliances together. This gives you more room, and also clusters the cooking area, so that you have more room for storage.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

7. When the budget is tight, but creativity is BIG!

There are a few complications that can’t be solved with a little creativity. If you have a small kitchen, then you have to think up ways to make more room. In this case, wall hooks are used to hang utensils which would otherwise go into a drawer. It has utility, makes adequate use of space, and also, looks great.

8. Drawers with compartments for small apartments!

You can rarely go wrong when your kitchen drawers have compartments. In this case there’s adequate room to store utensils with the added advantage of having a small compartment to keep your cutlery like a sieve, spoons, cutting knives or anything else you have in your kitchen.

9. Removable swivel cupboards are brilliant for kitchens of all sizes!

Swivel boards allow you to reach into your kitchen cupboard and pull out pots and pans without hindrance. They also look great and can be installed in any size of a kitchen cupboard.

Checkout practical kitchen accessories here.

Cupboards that extend inside your kitchen cabinet

Cupboards that extend inside your kitchen cabinet make complete use of the space you have at hand. By arranging utensils so that they don't clutter the front of your cupboard, you can fit more in.

10. Removable pull-out drawers in all possible colors

Notice the handle of the door is upright, for a stylish but practical design! These colours are not just attractive and also modern, but also have so much utility, for storing utensils, kitchen cutlery, essentials and more.

11. An example of an L-shaped kitchen, with small but perfectly designed storage space

Make the most out of the space in your L shaped kitchen with this really simple wardrobe that’s practical as well as stylish.

12. Functional but stylish furniture that gives a sophisticated look to your kitchen.

Throw in contemporary furniture to add elegance to your cooking area. These can be inexpensive pieces bought at a nearby flea market too!

13. Metal cabinets—a tough, durable and economical design with very handy features!

Metal cabinets are stronger and last longer in your kitchen. What’s more chrome has a modern aesthetic and looks great when buffed and shiny.

14. Pull-out cabinets with buckets for dumping trash

This is a clutter free and ergonomic way to store garbage in your kitchen. Line the bins with bags for easy disposal, and discard them when full. Simple!

15. Simple, yet decorative and functional Shelves

These shelves are practical and add a nice aesthetic to your kitchen. When you have to pick cutlery, there’s no need to rummage through cupboards, just pick them off the shelf.

16. Adaptable and quirky shelves for a creative and charming kitchen

This quirky shelf is made from an old wooden ladder, but with just a little modification looks great in your kitchen, doesn't it!

17. Utility cupboards with organisers, drawers, and shelves. Attention! Baskets that function as drawers look gorgeous!

in-toto Amersham, in-toto Amersham in-toto Amersham Modern kitchen
in-toto Amersham

in-toto Amersham

in-toto Amersham

There’s no such thing as too many organizers in your kitchen. Organizers of different shapes and sizes lets you store things of different sizes with ease, and makes your kitchen look squeaky clean always!

18. A tiny kitchen with secret spaces to store all your kitchen essentials

Secret spaces look great in every kitchen, but that’s because you can’t spot them! Here are a few ideas for cool secret spaces for storage in your kitchen.

19. Place dishes upright for a functional and creative look. Here’s a compact shelf design to store your fine china.

The Mighty Plate Rack, The Plate Rack The Plate Rack KitchenCabinets & shelves
The Plate Rack

The Mighty Plate Rack

The Plate Rack

This extremely function plate rack is super easy to install in your kitchen. It looks great and is super compact so that you can fit it on any of your kitchen walls.

20. Drawer rails for the work area: it lets you store spices in a way they can be easily identified and picked!

Pickling the spices for your next stir-fry is so much easier with this highly aesthetic and handy spice drawer. Now you don’t have to scramble through bottles to find the spice you have been looking for.

Here are 20 Great ideas for storing and get everything organized in your kitchen. Try them and share your comments.

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