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6 pictures of renovation projects that will leave you speechless

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When you think of an apartment renovation, the work ‘limitations’ comes to mind as the unit is located within a building with similar homes with almost the same design, leaving hardly any room for innovation. Hence, we begin to believe that we are condemned to live in the same environment for years to come. However, this is not true! Renovations, including major makeovers, are not just for houses. Renovating an apartment can be a great adventure if you have a clear idea of what you want and reliable professional help to help you achieve it.

Apartment renovation is not just a way of adding new life to your home. It also increases the value of the property when you want to sell it at some point in the future. Take a look at the before and after photos of these 6 renovations. They will leave you amazed!

​Before: A dilapidated kitchen

This picture shows the kitchen at its worst. Not only is it in shambles, but the space also has nothing functional or comfortable about it. The transformation will surprise you!

​After: An Inspiring space

The new kitchen is designed as an extension of the dining space with an open counter serving as a partition that divides the two areas. The window has been enlarged to bring in more natural light to make the small kitchen look airy. Introducing natural light always works for creating a more attractive space.

​Before: A dull room

This room was not used much as the dark colours and old furniture didn’t create an ambiance conducive for spending time in it. Although it had natural light coming in through the windows, not much was done in terms of design to maximize this feature. With just a few simple changes, it becomes beautiful.

​After: And then there was light!

White sheer curtains bring in a refreshing touch. The room is opened out to integrate with the dining room. Modern furniture replaces the old sofas, making the space more enjoyable. Notice how the carpet is used to create a separation between the living and dining spaces? With shades of grey and new lighting fixtures, the room gets a more contemporary feel.

​Before: A gloomy room

This small room has a balcony view. However, it’s done up in wood and neutral shades that not only give it a dull appearance but also make it appear smaller than it is. You won’t believe what the addition of colour and some small details can do for uplifting the mood of a room!

After: A fresh new space

Striped ochre wall paper illuminates the main wall, while the rest of the walls are in soothing white. It’s a perfect look for a bedroom where one is supposed to rest.

​Before: A horror of a mezzanine

The mezzanine of this apartment had gone to ruin. The exit to the balcony was never used. Although the room once had cheerful colours on the walls, they were worn out. The space needed to be completely renovated.

​After: Put to the best use

The space becomes a charming area that connects the rest of the apartment to the balcony. Thanks to the panoramic skylight over the staircase, the room is flooded with natural light, merging the indoor and outdoor areas effortlessly. It is now put to good use as a small library and office.

​Before: An old-fashioned kitchen

Designed in the white and brown combination that was once popular, the dark shades make the kitchen look gloomy, and if that wasn’t enough, the cabinets are so old that even a coat of paint couldn’t save them.

​After: A beautiful white kitchen

A classic that never goes out of style, white is a popular colour for kitchens. We love the new layout as it optimizes the space so that more people can enjoy the kitchen and its cosiness while sitting on the bench installed next to the window. Isn’t it charming?

​Before: A big bathroom with a bad layout

Even bathrooms can be renovated to transform them into lovely spaces. This old bathroom was spacious with a big window, but nothing in it stood out. Clearly, it needed a professional touch to bring out its best features.

After: A luxurious bathroom

By replacing the floors, walls and plumbing, it becomes a brand new bathroom with a mix of old and new features. The exposed brick treatment on the walls perfectly matches the view from the window. The addition of a shower box is a detail that works well in any bathroom. Marble flooring brings style and helps to transform this room into a luxurious one.

See this ideabook for some interesting bedroom renovations.

Which of these ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments.

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