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16 modern bathrooms with fabulous showers!

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The bathroom is among the most personal space of the house and every person aspires to decorate according to their own comfort. As it is used for several activities across the day to clean and refresh the mind and body it has to be structured with durable essentials to sustain extensive use over a period of time.

A region that is used for so many purposes has to be aesthetically pleasing and clean to soothe the mind and body. The shower stall is regarded as the perfect setting for trying out one’s vocal cords without bothering about unflattering comments over the sounds of running water!! Since every aspiring singer needs the right platform to display creativity we have assembled 16 modern shower designs so that every aspiring singer has a perfect stage and a beautiful shower area. To enhance the experience all of them have glass walls to will reflect your sparkling self.

1. A well defined shower region

While planning the shower area it is important to important to keep in mind the materials and location where it will be placed to ensure that does not hamper the pathway to other activities in the region. This shower region is rightly placed close to the windows to allow flow of natural air and light to soak up water fast and keep it fresh. Sliding doors have large handles making them easy to manage even by children.

2. At the center of action

The size and design of a bathroom generally decides the location of the showerhead and its size. Though traditionally showers are placed in the farthest corner of the bathroom it can also be placed right in the center if it is a frame-less one like this that takes minimal space. The transparent glass gives an illusion of space as it does not block vision.

3. Transparent cube

When there is space at your disposal then why stop at only a bathtub? This minimalist bathroom may be simple but it has all the ingredients of luxury which include a cube shaped shower extending from ceiling to floor.  The elegant cabin style shower unit has a stage like atmosphere with the overhead lights encouraging you to practice those vocal cords.

4. Lights for colorful ambience

When cash is not a constraint then do not spare any expenses to dress the bathroom too with the latest lighting systems and bathroom accessories. The magic of crystal lights is unmatched so why not use that to set the mood lighting within the luxurious shower region. The spacious shower region is large enough for both singing and dancing if that is on the mind.

5. Charming background in blue

The bathroom singer becomes his/her own audience when the shower is placed before a large mirror like this region. Instead of having a plain wall, decorate it with mosaic or glass tiles or with any other material for a classy look like here which has stone tiles. Have a plain glass door that gives clear view of the shower background and its accessories.

6. A light hearted combination

For a bathroom filled with freshness and tranquility keep it free of clutter. Here is a light combination with neutral toned accessories and background wherein the floor is decorated with light pink sandstone tiles and the wall is made up of concrete and frameless sheets of glass form the shower area.

7. With options to sit and stand

For those that have health issues and cannot stand for a long period this bench style seat is the ideal solution as they can sit or stand according to convenience. Some of these slim benches are foldable and can be fitted into the wall easily. Essentials required in the shower area can be fitted into a recessed shelf that can be created within the wall.

8. Frosted glass for privacy

If you like to maintain privacy in a shared bathroom then choose a design like this of a shower cabinet with frosted glass.  There are options available that allow one to choose between a completely opaque shower cabinet or select a partly opaque one like the one here with area proportional to that of an adult’s height. Take the help of a bathroom designer to make the right choice about color and design.

9. Stonewall for waterproofing

Not many people are comfortable with a full glass shower cabinet and sometimes it is better to offer guests privacy by making shower areas partly opaque. While transparent doors do look fascinating and are long lasting too it is best to create a simple stone wall between the shower and rest of the kitchen area.  The wall also provides an elegant contrasting backdrop to the dark mahogany wooden counter.

10. Balancing space

Geometric designs and pastel tones are always the ideal choice to create harmony in our homes including the bathrooms. In this bathroom design one can see how colors and designs form a perfect harmony to build an elegant and pleasant atmosphere with the glass door creating an invisible separation.

11. Shower with skylight

The shower set below a slanting roof and skylight is structured around simple rectangular metal frame that holds it together. The simple elegance of this design has to be seen to appreciate the ingenuity with which the entire bathroom has been brought together in an effortless fashion around the rustic walls.

12. Traditional but stylish

Got limited space for a bathroom and are at a loss for ideas to set up a fair sized shower cabinet? The why not adopt traditional designs like these to have all the essentials in place and to avoid accidents. These can either be in same tones or different tone from the walls preferably in light and neutral tones to make the bathroom appear spacious.

13. Colorful shower doors

There are no rules about having only transparent glass doors for shower areas and a trendy colorful door like this with steel edges is just as smart as a colored glass door. The grey doors suit the color palette of the bathroom with steel fittings and grey floating cabinet.

14. Colorful lines for style

If the bathroom is very small, a glass shower cubicle designed like a futuristic space ship will help to have an elegant shower area that does not splash water on other objects in the bathroom.

15. Relaxing in luxury

When every luxury is affordable and having a spa in the bathroom is not an outrageous expense then why not indulge in it? Combination of colored LEDs, a ceiling-mounted musical shower-head and the view of rainforest from a large picture window make this shower region a place that one would like to soak in every evening.

16. Framed

Artful shower enclosure design is structured like a picture frame forming a lovely contrast with the white background of the bathroom.  The monochromatic color palette of the bathroom is followed through in designing the shower area too to create an unusual design.  

Now that you have a fair idea about ideal shower cabinet for the bathroom here are Luxurious bathtub designs that will help to end the day in blissful relaxation.

Which shower cabinet design did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.
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