15 Best pictures of beautiful bedrooms of 2016

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
3D render jyotsnarawool Modern style bedroom
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If you think that bedroom serves the sole purpose of giving you some space to sleep then it's time to rethink. Today, along with our team of designers and decorators, we bring you the 15 best bedrooms for Indian homes. They represent different colors, size, area, texture, themes and comfort factor but have one thing in common- they all are worth copying from. So, welcome the coming winters with cozy bed and sleep like never before with your newly renovated bedrooms. 

We are sure these 15 images will give you something to learn and imitate at your place. Have a look!

1. Transitional Bedroom

Contemporary Home design Design House Classic style bedroom
Design House

Contemporary Home design

Design House

Aptly described, this bathroom has nothing special yet comprises of everything you will need or you wish to have your side in a bedroom. Count from the dim lights to cozy feel, inviting atmosphere to light neutral walls, a complete package on the list. 

2. Dramatic Prints

Three Storey Grand Residence @Paota,Jodhpur RAVI - NUPUR ARCHITECTS Modern style bedroom

Three Storey Grand Residence @Paota,Jodhpur


While gray and silver have long been associated with boredom and sober outlook, this room breaks all the myths and beliefs. Mixing and mashing different shades of gray brings such a dramatic and worthy look for this bedroom. A table and a side sofa is a beautiful idea to follow.

3. Large and Classic

Interiors in Mixed Style... Premdas Krishna Modern style bedroom
Premdas Krishna

Interiors in Mixed Style…

Premdas Krishna

While people do not feel like trying darker shades like black in their homes, sometimes it appears to be the best fit case. For example, the above image projects a bedroom that has an aura of perfection and reflection of classic decoration. We would love to jump on this bed!

4. Counting at Nights

Modern Contemporary Premdas Krishna Modern style bedroom
Premdas Krishna

Modern Contemporary

Premdas Krishna

Plain or Wallpaper pasted walls have long been a favorite for interior decorators but the new trend of bold and printed walls in the background of double beds is taking over gradually. Here, matching textile has been paired against the texture of walls and the outlook is so inviting and relieving. 

5. Traditionally perfect




A traditional master bedroom with beige walls and carpet never fails to impress. The monotony of light colors is broken with this artwork which is striking and highlighting in this area. Use warm colored lights to create easy feelings in the area. 

6. Minimal designs

Your bedroom is the world of your dreams and imaginations. You spend a lot of time thinking, dreaming, imagining and planning here and thus, keep the space open and clear to let your imaginations run wild. A minimal style bedroom like this works better. Keep a chair on bedside to let others sit when they come to see you.

7. Simple and easy

A small bedroom often sounds like a clumsy or tiny area with a big bed stuffed within. However, proper planning and little efforts are needed to manage it. White walls create an illusion of bigger space and a narrow bed in center with a side table complete the look. No additional accessories but yes, a wall with striking colors to balance the look and supplement for the loss of accessories. 

8. Bachelor's Mansion

For studio apartment or those who are used to live alone, there is no need to buy a double bed. you can easily go well with a single bed and save a lot of space. Keeping bed in corner, adjacent to wall, helps to make setting and arrangement of other furtniture easier.

9. Extended area for bedroom

A loft room also serves as a lively space for sleeping. This room shows how effortlessly you can rope in designer look for your bedroom. Matching armchair fills in the spirit of comfort to the sight.

10. Sober and Subtle

Another great example of trendy bedroom with a carpet and wooden walls. Hardwood walls create warmth, which is further enhanced by dim and low hanging lights. There is a limited play of colors but everything is maintained well with the help of bright lights. 

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11. Tranquil and colorful

A tranquil, medium sized colorful bedroom often remains far from our imaginations. But looking at this one, everyone will think to get the same for once. Pay attention to details like lightweight bed material, curtains, and wallpapers in background. The rug on the floor is adorable. 

12. Galaxy on my head

Make a statement in your master bedroom by replacing the chandeliers (if any), fans or lights with illuminating and sparkling paint and patterns on the ceiling. Once the lights are off, you will feel like you are out of this universe. Furthermore, the glass windows on the corner take you to the ground from your bed. Hovering or hanging beds are never boring indeed. 

13. Serene bedroom decor

Brown, beige, and white are considered to be the best choice for the sleeping area. Fortunately, these three colors have been used in right combination in this bedroom to create an out of this world kind of room. Glass wall on one side lets you have a glimpse to high rise neighboring buildings. 

14. Kid's Bedroom

The list of best bedroom is incomplete without mentioning the kid's bedroom. They are increasingly becoming a part of every Indian home. Funky cartoon prints on walls and colorful drapes for beds and cushions lift up the theme and spirit of this area. 

15. Well Laid plan

Master Bedroom Chaukor Studio Eclectic style bedroom
Chaukor Studio

Master Bedroom

Chaukor Studio

Last on the list- projecting an expensive outlook, this transitional farmhouse styled bedroom is decorated in good taste and looks cozy and elegant altogether. The right combination of colors, fabrics, and open window create a magical air in this space. 

What is your favorite trend of this year?

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