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25 Beautiful garden ideas at the entrance of your home

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A small garden near the entrance door immediately transforms the dull environment adding color, fragrance and vitality to the region. Irrespective of the size or location of the garden and species of plants used, nature always brings life and beauty to any space of the house where it is located. Landscaped gardens set amidst stones and rocks can be arranged near the entrance or within corridors to make home interiors beautiful!

In this book of ideas, we are going to share wonderful garden ideas, all small and absolutely perfect to decorate entrance or hallway.  

1. Garden in the hallway

The garden here is laid out on an empty area of the hallway and is decorated with stones and decorative spheres of glass as lights.

2. Combining multiple elements

Traditional wall art sets the perfect backdrop for an Asian style backyard garden arranged within a small space and with decorative materials like fountain, shrubs, terracotta and stone.

3. Defining the outline

Curvaceous stone porch borders the tiny layout of plants before the entrance leading to creation of organic shapes pleasing to the eye.

4. Earthy elements to keep the region soothing and cool

5. Minimalist creativity

Limited and diminutive but with contains everything required to create a fresh and natural environment. This minimalist garden can be fitted both at the entrance of the house and in the hallway. 

6. Greenery beside the staircase

Making the most of space! White stones and a path of wooden slats that lead towards the upper floors.

7. Short and sweet

Lovely garden at the entrance of the house—fabulous and easy to maintain with healthy shrubs.

8. Enclosed space near hallway

Extra space close to boundary wall near hallway window has been glassed in to create a small green space with few plants of colorful foliage that transforms the hallway into a space full of nature

9. A small backyard to enjoy has it all!

This tiny backyard allows the owners to enjoy greenery like a picnic every-time the cushions are brought out to relax amidst the pots and shrubs.

10. Vertical garden anyone?

Lack space for a backyard or entrance garden? Why not try out a vertical garden to decorate the hallway and show of your creativity and green thumb?

11. Zen inspired garden

This simple zen-inspired garden beside the main hallway also has a fountain that gently gurgles away in the background immersing the region in soothing natural music.

12. Simple and pure

Eclectic and pure but easy to make and maintain

13. Petite and colorful

Who doesn’t love blooming flowers right when they are entering a house? Pick out some colorful ones, plant them in the small empty space before your front door and watch them grow. This house’s white color scheme provides the perfect canvas for the pink flowers.

14. Decorate it with tables and chairs

Modern and stylish this setting is perfect for decorating the exterior corridor wall or flanking the entrance to the house.

15. Water and stone

A tiny fountain with stones keeps the back corridor garden hydrated and fresh.

16. Decorate way to outline a pathway

Simple and smarty—Green line that decorates the way of entry

17. Concrete planter

Elegant planter for serene entrance in yellow with a Buddha statue.

18. Enclosed garden

When you plan to decorating the entrance and hallway using the same theme then engaging the services of a gardener may be a smart idea. Here is a mini garden just off the entrance with pot encircled in stone and modern enclosure design

19. All for a bamboo garden

Bamboo garden—a picture of simplicity and total beauty!

20. Mixture of plants and flowers

21. Add color with colorful pots

22. Hanging garden

Perfect idea for narrow aisles

23. Spectacular beauty

A floating staircase forms a picturesque background for the beautiful indoor garden. Wrapped with the beauty offered by nature the combination of wood, stones and vegetation enhance the freshness of this sitout.

24. Cactus garden

Cactus highlighted against the wall with clever lighting

25. Large planters

Large colorful planters add grandeur and sophistication for an eclectic garden. 

Love to have a private space to show your creativity with plants, then here are tips to Turn your backyard into English countryside garden.

Which garden tip did you like the best and why? Do let us know your comments below.

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