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When viewing this next property you could be forgiven for thinking it was located in coastal Mexico or Brazil rather than being a lovely, lively villa nestled within the densely populated island of Hong Kong. Thus is the design prowess of Hong Kong's Urban Build and Design, who's project, Greenfield Villa, manages to infuse a spacious yet private atmosphere within the confines of a relatively small property. 

The home effuses bright, eclectic character, with Asian-style artworks and splashes of orange and yellow spicing up its pale decor. A combined living, dining and kitchen area stretches out to the relaxing environs of a modern courtyard, which is bordered by thriving, tropical greenery. The entire space appears beautifully inviting—perfect to host social gatherings with friends and family!

The bedroom of the home soothes in subdued tones, with unique artwork providing a contrast to the soft browns of the bed and blinds, and the whole space lit by a steady influx of sunshine flowing through the windows.

This home is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet departure from the surrounds of busy city living for relaxation and private entertaining.

Artistic and eclectic

The living, kitchen and dining areas of the villa have been combined for functional ease and to create a sense of expansion within the home. Lively, warm colours stand out against the neutral tones of the décor, while white walls and wooden floors provide a classic foundation for interesting, eclectic decorative features.

A range of Asian-style artefacts have been placed throughout the home in celebration of its geographical locale, providing multiple points of interest for visitors and guests. Here we can see the space resting in the soft glow of sunlight and warmed by the orange and yellow tones flowing from its modern artworks and decoration, with these elements combining to create an inviting atmosphere within the villa.

Colourful living space

The living room gives off a lively, vibrant feel, as bursts of colour dress the room in personality and charm. The sheen of wooden floors and furnishings ground the space in traditional materials, with the slightly rough finish of the bookshelves and coffee table giving off a vintage air. 

Splashes of colour, from the artworks to the cushions and pot plants, refresh the home, giving a glimpse into the personality of the occupants, whose fun and frivolous sense of style is constantly on display. 

Warm and streamlined kitchen

The villa's kitchen is also open and inviting, with the chic, streamlined dining table standing pride of place by the kitchen bench, ready to accommodate a hearty banquet beneath the ambience of hanging lamps. The dining setting has cleverly incorporated a long stool on one side in place of traditional seating, which can be tucked beneath the table to allow more space in the kitchen while preparing food. 

The kitchen finishes are contemporary and white, with stainless steel included to give off an air of luxurious, modern living. Hints of green from the kitchen herbs and from foliage peering through the windows and doors add a sense of nature to the space, softening its clean lines and modern finishes. 

Soothing tones in the master bedroom

The master bedroom is casual and relaxing, with the soft, brown of striped linens upon the simple, wooden bed frame emitting a soothing appeal. The warm tones of orange and yellow permeate this space through the sculptural, glass bedside lamps and light-hearted allure of the overhead artwork. Twin windows supplement the atmosphere with an influx of natural light and air, but can be closed off in poor weather or to enhance privacy through the use of understated brown blinds.

Relaxed and modern courtyard

What would a lively villa be without a relaxed and modern courtyard to facilitate outdoor entertainment? This artistic abode doesn't disappoint, with a beautifully decked and furnished space included just past the living area oft the home. 

Bordered by rich, brown timber and thriving greenery, this space is perfect to enjoy Hong Kong's tropical climate on a warm day or evening. The outdoor setting is modern and streamlined in keeping with the remainder of the home's furnishings, with an array of bright, orange cushions adding another lively touch of the owner's favourite hue.

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