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As well as providing the basic structure of our the places we live and shutting out the elements, walls have another purpose that is also an important one. They are the site of many, if not most, of the strictly decorative features of our homes. Walls are where we hang artwork and mirrors, and where we may choose to express our colourful sides through paint and wallpaper. There are those, of course, for whom a bare wall is a thing of beauty; people who value a minimalist aesthetic and are drawn to simplicity. But others can look at exactly the same thing and see an empty canvas, waiting to be filled. If you fall into the latter category, read on for some creative ideas on how to make your walls stand out.

​Lights in place of art

Choosing pretty wall lights is one of the more obvious ways to jazz up blank expanses of space. But when you think about it, there’s really no need to limit yourself to just one or two. Opting for an array of lights that complement each other’s colours well, as seen in this photo, is a fun and unusual way of decorating your walls. The lights seen together here are all by the same designer and are therefore very similar in appearance, but if you wanted to really mix things up – and even introduce a bit of a jumbled, junk shop vibe – you could always take some time to collect a wide variety of different vintage lamps in different styles and from different periods.

​Mismatched tiles

Covering your walls in quirky tiles like these ones is a fun and unexpected way to bring your walls to life. It’s practical as well as pretty, too; in the bathroom and kitchen in particular, tiled sections are more or less a must, so using tiles like these offers a playful departure from the usual tradition of sticking to just one or two colours. They would also work brilliantly in other rooms, of course, and to add detail to specific areas, such as the surrounds of a fireplace. How you use them is completely up to you – you could create a striking full-wall feature, or keep things less loud by limiting their use to one small section of a room.

​Contrasting textures

Playing with different types of surface is one idea for filling walls you don’t feel like hanging art on. This room uses three very different textures on its walls – uneven stonework, smooth wood and plain white paint – all of which complement each other in colour but contrast strongly in texture.


This is a route probably best left to the truly self-assured. A full-wall mural is certainly a big commitment and an even bigger risk, but if you manage to pull it off it could become one of the defining features of your home’s style.

​The wall as display case

Here’s an idea that’s a little different: use your wall to show off all your favourite possessions, such as pretty necklaces and other bits and bobs that it’s possible to hang up. In this picture, unusual oversized buttons provide a place for the items to hang, as well as acting as decorative pieces in themselves.

​Statement wallpaper

Bold wallpaper can completely transform a room, and it’s a shortcut to an exciting and arty look that’s easy to achieve without having to design a mural or curate a mini-gallery.

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