9 modern ceilings to decorate your room

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Residence interiors, Akaar architects Akaar architects Modern living room
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When you want to give your home a unique look that is sophisticated and welcoming, designing beautiful ceilings that add layers to the room in addition to providing a frame for stunning lighting is a solution chosen by many professional architects and designers. From decorative glass panels with backlighting to mirror laminates, in this ideabook, we’ve put together 9 design ideas that you can copy for your ceilings.

​1. Conventional ceiling with layers and LED lights placed above the sheets

Singh Residence, StudioEzube StudioEzube Living roomAccessories & decoration Beige

Singh Residence


If a room isn’t too big and doesn’t have much natural light, create an interesting ceiling that subtly lights up the room.  The ceiling in this room looks like an inverted roof with sheets in several sizes covering its surface in layers. Lights placed above the sheets add a beautiful glow to the room.

2. Wooden bars on the ceiling add a natural element and enhance the decor theme

Residence interiors, Akaar architects Akaar architects Modern living room
Akaar architects

Residence interiors

Akaar architects

In this living room, which has a tranquil ambiance set by the large Buddha painting on the wall, the bars of wood on the ceiling introduce a natural element that complements the overall design theme of the room. It also breaks the monotony of the white ceiling by providing an elegant contrast.

3. Simple and sophisticated – perfect for an airy room

Despande's Residence, Nuvo Designs Nuvo Designs Modern living room
Nuvo Designs

Despande's Residence

Nuvo Designs

A large rectangular ceiling panel can beautifully highlight a spacious room to give it a cosier ambiance. Yellow diffused lights add warmth to the setting. Using floor lamps or pendant lights brings sophistication to the décor.

4. Angled wood slats add an interesting element

It’s not easy to decorate a large room, especially when it’s long. However, this home has a stunning living room in which the elongated ceiling is the highlight with lights above the angled wood slats helping to control the intensity of the lighting.

5. Etched glass panels with backlighting combined with embedded LED lights

Family lounge ceiling homify Modern living room

Family lounge ceiling


Decorative glass ceiling panels with designs etched into them present gorgeous ceiling art, especially when they are back-lit. Combined with built-in LED lights, they help to regulate the ambiance in the room from cool to warm.

6. Wooden roof over the seating

Living Room Interior HGCG Architects Modern living room indian,modern,contemporary,handicrafts,artifacts,jodhpur,rajasthan,gujarat,wallpaper
HGCG Architects

Living Room Interior

HGCG Architects

Instead of having wall mounted lamps, using LED lights embedded into a wooden panel above the seating area not only adds a stylish décor element, but also provides sufficient light when you want to read on the sofa.

7. Mirrors on the ceiling

How do you make a tiny room with a low ceiling appear larger than it is? The simple solution is to have mirrors on the ceiling that reflect the entire area. Additionally, they reflect light and enhance the brightness so that you don’t miss the absence of natural light.

8. Diagonal tracks studded with LED lamps

Living room interior design homify Asian style living room

Living room interior design


A modern design that can elevate the elegance of any home, this living room has ceiling panels that are placed in diagonal strips across the room, creating a stunning atmosphere. Add to this the embedded LED lights that glow like diamonds from the panels and the overall look is classy!

9. Adding geometric beauty that carries through to the walls

pent house for Mr. Jahagirdar At nanded, 4th axis design studio 4th axis design studio Modern living room
4th axis design studio

pent house for Mr. Jahagirdar At nanded

4th axis design studio

Opaque glass strips placed in an asymmetric arrangement on this ceiling matches the modernity of this living room. The design carries through to the television wall panel to add synergy, while a stunning contemporary chandelier enhances the stylishness of the room.

For more ideas on ceiling design see 10 cool ceilings for your home.

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