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Top Home Décor Trends For 2017

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Now that 2016 is coming to a close, it’s time to look forward to the new year, and that also means checking out the home décor trends for 2017.

From splatter patterns to metals, 2017 trends definitely have a lot to offer. While these choices may end up confusing you, we recommend choosing one which would go with your home’s existing style.

Here are the top home decor trends for 2017, as told us by the design experts

1. Colours

Gray is a major colour this season and why shouldn’t it be? Grey is subtle, minimalistic, and it gives enough space to add more colour to the décor. The best way to add Grey is by placing a sofa or rug of that colour.

2. Put a cabinet next to bed

We don’t just sleep in our beds, we read books, check our phones, and work on our laptops. With so many things required around us, it is only apt to use a cabinet next to our beds so that our beds do not get cluttered with stuff.

​3. A luxurious headboard

Nothing says amazing like a luxurious headboard over your bed. The best part about installing a headboard is that you don’t have to change your entire bed since it can be installed separately.

4. Clean and more organized

With the right placement of drawers and cabinets, you can make your bedroom super organized and open up a lot of extra space.

5. Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns have made a new entry to the top trend list, and you are going to absolutely love it. You can add geometric patterns on curtains, wallpapers, bedsheets, and even sofas.

But we love the way the geometric pattern has subtly on the wallpaper of this room.

6. Textures

Playing with textures would never go out of fashion if it were up to us, and we are ecstatic that it is a top trend for the next year. If you too are planning to play with different textures in your home décor, we recommend starting with cotton and wool.

​7. Velvet

Velvet reminds us of the 80’s, which let’s be honest, was one of the best and fun decades of the century. You can incorporate this fabric into your home’s décor by opting for velvet sofas, chairs, headboards, and other furniture.

8. Metal tones

Metal is a great way to add an industrial touch to your house. If you are someone who loves to use earthy tones, then you can install metal colours like copper, silver, gold, and iron to your home.

This room provides a great contrast to the metal tones by adding bright coloured chairs.

​9. Nature

Bring nature inside your house by adding natural and forest elements, along with different colours of green. It is a misconception that adding nature inspired décor means only adding flashy green shades. Instead, you can opt for a more subdued shade like the sofa in this living room.

10. Splatter patterns

This is the latest technique in textile decoration and it looks as if someone has splatted colour all over the area. While it is easy to go wrong with this, if you choose a tried and tested colour combination like white and blue in this picture, you will never go wrong.

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Which one of these trends is your favourite?

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