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20 Pictures of modern and simple kitchens for Indian homes

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We have said many times and not tired of repeating: the kitchen is the heart of the house, where we reproduce dreams and where we share our triumphs and sorrows. A place where a sip of hot soup is able to bring us back to life. It is in this place where we spend much of our day when we are at home, because not only do we cook there, but we also eat, work, talk, do homework and meditate. 

We do not always have enough space to create the great kitchen of dreams, integrating an island or installing marble surfaces, large cabinets and cabinets may be a good idea as well. These elements guarantee functionality for our kitchen and depend only on finding the ideal solution in terms of size, storage capacity, and flexibility of use.  

In this book of ideas, we will show some designer examples of practical and beautiful kitchens. Some larger, mostly small, but all making the most of space and light available. Stay tuned and take note, perhaps some of them inspire you to reform yours!

1. Great Distribution

The distribution of this kitchen allows free access while the space is used in its entirety. The countertops are created from marble and synthetic wood cabinets, which receive steel handles. The graceful and charming touch of space is focused on the wall in a mosaic of small beige and white inserts, sharing the palette with light-colored, joined with floor boards.

2. Stylish in Red and Black

This minimalist kitchen is fully functional and stylish. Its design allows the handling of 360 degrees and use of every square centimeter. The countertops have a two-story separator to articulate a snack area.And the black design of the lower and upper cabinets creates a bold and perfect combination with red doors, chairs and accessories… too beautiful!

3. Wood and heat

The design of this kitchen, horizontal lines and flat surfaces, is reinforced with longitudinal window located above the countertop. And the chocolate color of the upper cabinets gives an elegant and sophisticated accent. The central island is practical and invites you to meet and get together around.

4. Something of tradition and modernity

You can always include a rustic or country detail in a modern and functional kitchen, as in this case. The island is covered in apparent concrete and the wall of the stove has a mosaic of tiles with a rather country style. The wood of the window and the style of the benches denotes a certain rustic air to the place, but without reducing the functionality.

5. A large granite countertop

The main feature of this kitchen is the gray countertop which is composed of elegant and functional granite. It also includes the sink and the stove in the style cooktop . The design furniture is reddish wood with steel handles. The upper cabinets have translucent doors to give a total touch. A simple and very functional design.

6. An exquisite mosaic

The colorful touch of this kitchen, with the presence of slightly greyish dark wood and white at the base of the granite countertop, offers plenty of space and relaxation. An exquisite mosaic of shades of red, pink and beige brings us to a rich result, a delightful shower of freshness and sympathy.

7. Color Matching

The design of this kitchen combines surfaces in two different shades of wood, traveling from darkness to light and vice versa. The design takes advantage of the wall as a whole, with a series of cabinets that occupy the space to the floor and wall to wall, maintaining a modern minimalist style.

8. With delicate touches

A kitchen that knows how to use space and light. With just a few surfaces, but taking advantage of all the furniture with lower cabinets, this kitchen uses every inch to store and organize. The white and light color is slightly contrasted with a rustic look of mosaic floor, yet elegant, clean and bright.

9. Classic and functional

This small kitchen takes advantage of space in a very classic style, with a cream-colored wooden cabinet with translucent doors and opaque steel utensils. The colorful, orange-tiled skirt adds a colorful touch to the place.

10. Sober and elegant

For lovers of classic elegance and breadth, nothing better than this classic, traditional and very stylish in style. All dark wood, the sophistication of its design is complemented by dark gray on the granite countertops and a modern hood crowning the central island.

11. A modern contrast

This project radiates fun and modernity. The combination of tomato red with dark wood veneer creates an irresistible contrast as it seems to have a set pattern maintaining a visual balance in space. The countertop closes the design with shades of gray and ends with stainless steel appliances and lovely windows.

12. With highlight lights

This minimalist design of this kitchen keeps everything hidden from view. The storage spaces remain behind the blind doors, with only the stove in sight. The LED lights around each piece subtly reveal the corners and magnify the composition.

13. A vibrant kitchen

The design of this kitchen has many attractions: it is wide, with distribution in U and very functional. The black granite looks radiant and very sophisticated and the upper cabinets receive vibrant green color. Simply fabulous! And to balance so much energy, a number of wooden cabinets close the project wonderfully!

14. Romantic and elegant

This small kitchen has a very unique, compact and functional design. A series of cabinets in black wood with handles that integrate to the drawing very discreetly. And to highlight, a small red shelf integrates the space, giving a touch of creativity and offering more space for storage.

15. Stone, wood and metal

An absolutely classic design! This kitchen blends lush shades of dark wood with stone in the countertops. An excellent contrast is the series of stainless steel appliances that look like the appliances, both with a lot of brightness and prominence.

16. The good use of color

The use of color in this design was limited to small touches on some walls, avoiding the creation of contrasts in furniture, which is kept in the palette of neutral colors such as browns and gold on the benches and some doors.

17. An open kitchen

The design of this kitchen is limited to a long bench in L shape, whose lower space is adorned with storage baskets to keep everything organized. The brightness of the space, the bench and the light coming from the window give the place a very bright, perfect and harmonious tone.

18. Red and white

The bright red cabinets and the base of the bar form a delicate color contrast over the whiteness of the space. The furniture is kept in perfect white and the countertop is only rebelling with glossy black shiny granite.

19. Steel and modernity

The linearity, the perfection of the forms and the ample furniture and space were reinforced, thanks to the manipulation of materials and colors. A long strip of gray and silver mosaic decorates beneath a bright white shelf and well furnished floor complete the look.

20. Light wood and black

A special and very different combination is presented in this kitchen: light wood veneer with translucent doors and black granite countertops on a gray tiled wall with touches of beige and brown. It seems quite bold, but at the same time simple and great!

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