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A house is made complete with both interiors and exteriors. A stunning interior décor will lose all its charm if the outside entrance is a let-down. Similarly, your bedroom or living room will never witness the same opulence if situated besides a cluttered patio. There is a normal human tendency that persuades us to dump all extra stuff in unused areas, which for most of the houses is the Patio. So to keep the beauty of your house intact, homify brings you a few tips and tricks that will help make your patio functional and aesthetically appealing. Ideally, the patio design needs to be soft, embracing and relaxing. This can be created either with minimal furniture or with an ornate display of classy items. Also, the inclusion of minute accessories and collectibles can bring about a huge difference in this natural retreat. Here is a step by step guide to embellish your patio in a calming and elegant manner.

Use of lounge chairs

Well, to start with, go for simple accessories that bring a distinct warmth and cosiness in the place. Slowly and gradually you can add more items for making a patio of your dreams. In native terms, a patio is defined by a pair of relaxing chairs. These chairs not only differentiate this area from the rest of the house, but also add a prominent calming effect. The choice of lounge chairs is of course a personal preference and can vary according to the needs. Armchairs, sun loungers, beach chairs are some of the relaxing seating ideas for the patio. For a lavish patio, you can use chaise lounges or can even pair the armchairs with matching poufs or ottomans for creating additional seating space. If you are expecting your patio to be the perfect party place for weekend get-togethers, you might want to include an array of plastic chairs or bar stools for creating a proper lounge effect.

De-clutter unwanted stuff

Canonbury Square IQ Glass UK Modern garage/shed
IQ Glass UK

Canonbury Square

IQ Glass UK

The first step to a better and nicer patio is getting rid of all the unwanted and unusable stuff. To be honest, this is not an easy task and can prove to be extremely challenging and taxing for a single person. So, take help from your family members by making it a fun task for kids. You can even play some music and have prizes by the end of the show.  To make this dreadful task simpler, you can first segregate the stuff according to functionality and later discard it or donate it as per your desire. By the end of this activity, you would be able to gauge the actual size of the patio which will help you bring out your creative ingenuity for a better patio.

Make a place for barbecue grill

One of the many advantages of food is that, it makes everyone come together. Therefore, installing a barbecue grill in your patio can prove highly relaxing for the whole family that loves to enjoy sizzling steaks during warm afternoons. Now, depending on your preferences, you can either go for a simple barbecue grill, as shown, or you can design a classy gourmet area. If you are an avid pizza fan, you can even install a wood fired place for enjoying fresh delicious pizzas with friends and family.  While installing a barbecue grill is the minimal requirement, you can actually give wings to your idea and design while styling an outdoor gourmet space. Go for a style of your choice, rustic or Mediterranean or even country style to name a few. Along with a suitable dining table, you can even add a washing station and a refrigerator to keep your beverages chilled. Here's an ideabook that will help you plan and setup a gourmet space outdoors : Amazing ideas for cooking outdoors

Employ planters for cosiness

Colours bring joy and happiness. And natural colours in the form of flowers and planters that increase this joy manifold. Planters can be used in any specific design or pattern. You can include single or multiple flowers in a planter of your choice. Honestly, anything paired with natural green works wonders for your eyes and mind. Employ your favourite flowers in a mix and match fashion. Like in the picture above, you can even use hanging or shelved planters for decorating even the discreet corners of your patio. For a die hard nature lover, the inclusion of climbers is surely a vantage point. Creativity has no limits. With this line of thought, you can further embellish your patio using matching or contrasting planters. Use nature friendly materials like metal, wood and paint them in vivid colours. Using old rain boots and metal containers as planters is also a highly innovative idea.

Tie up a hammock

Lounge chairs are enough to sit and relax, but what if you need something more luxurious and impressive in your patio? In such cases, hammocks come in very handy. A sun kissed afternoon and hammock, go hand in hand. There can’t be a better way to enjoy nature than lying on a comfortable and cosy hammock in the company of an engaging novel.  A hammock can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As opposed to most hammocks that require a standing support for harnessing, there are innovative hammocks too which do not require any support. The hammock in the above picture by Yildiz Hamakcilik is one such example. It can be easily placed in your patio and can be even maneuvered according to the sun’s direction. How amazing is that! If you are little tight with the budget, try looking for hammocks that can be placed both indoors and outdoors. By doing so, you get a versatile accessory for your house.

Clever lighting

A lamp can, both functionally and literally, brighten up the entire patio. While indoor lighting needs to be more effective and loud, the outdoor lighting is always preferred on the softer side. In this case, the patio lighting should neither make you feel left out in the dark nor overwhelm the place with its brightness. Choosing the right intensity and colour tone is the key here. Try placing lamps in secluded and concealed corners that serve both the purposes well. If you are having a fountain in your patio, make sure to highlight it with a gleaming light. Also, if your patio is a constant hang out joint for meals and parties, halogen lights might be the best option.

Use curtains for privacy

No, they do not make you feel indoors. Curtains might seem weird in the first place, but they actually prove beneficial in decorating your patio. Not only do they bring colour and brightness, but also prevent you from the harsh sun rays during afternoons. Curtains also prove to be useful when you want to spend some private time with your partner or family members. They ensure utmost privacy even when you are out of your house. Choose the colour close to natural yellow or green and try keeping the fabric simple and transparent for maximum effect. In this case, even the false roof can be designed with the same fabric for added drama.

Hope that you have found your perfect patio design by now. Let us know in the comments below. 

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