Small kitchens: 15 ideas to optimize space

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Taller Estilo Arquitectura Modern kitchen
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Kitchen is one of those spaces in our homes, which can be difficult to furnish just because it requires so much equiment in the first place. But thanks to the new technologies these days, interior designers are able to focus on the functionality of kitchens while maintaining a great decor. A combination of colours, lightings, textures, and decorative details can be chosen  to make your kitchen tasteful and well-ordered.

Here are some examples that will showcase the perfect exemplary of professional architects and interior designs.

​1. Red is the colour

Red has been chosen as the ruling shade of this kitchen and it is working well with the mosaics and wall. The contemporary style breakfast table gives a spectacular look to this kitchen. Although, we are talking about the kitchen, the fountain-Jacuzzi placed outdoor is the key attraction here.

​2. A multifunctional bar

Here we show you a multifunctional and modern bar, which displays properly optimized furniture and appliances. Opposite to the breakfast bar are yellow chairs in the same colours as the flowers on the table.

​3. Create a charming kitchen

It’s a really small kitchen, but the application of furniture makes it look large and elegant.  The determining factors here are the white large cabinets and sober finish.  Small squares and pots, gives this kitchen an extra touch of charm.

​4. Bright colours

The bright colours in this kitchen make it pop up in elegance. Yellow rules the kitchen and provides the ultimate perfection. Even the utensils here are placed in a matching colour. 

​5. Kitchen full of personality

Practical and multifunctional kitchen with lots of personality and functioning can be seen in this image and it’s truly incredible.

​6. Cleared area

Classic, yet Contemporary Rencraft Classic style kitchen

Classic, yet Contemporary


Although the area is big, the design here is truly inspirational. The rest of the furniture is placed around the wall, giving a free access to the kitchen and the large window here is allows more natural lights.

​7. Furniture in colours

Blue & Cream Gloss Kitchen, Aberdare, South Wales Hitchings & Thomas Ltd Modern kitchen Blue
Hitchings & Thomas Ltd

Blue & Cream Gloss Kitchen, Aberdare, South Wales

Hitchings & Thomas Ltd

There is plenty of storage in this kitchen and that too with contrasting furniture and colour. 

​8. The immensity of white

The predominance of white is essential for giving a spacious appearance to any place. A modern and sleek look has been imparted to the kitchen with delicacy of sparse furniture and divided blocks. The red design combines well with the white furniture and it is also a good option for decorating modern kitchens.

9. Removable shelf, good resource

The adaptive shelf can be a great option for optimizing space in any modern kitchen and it will also make them look more spacious and attractive. The bar serves as a sink as well as breakfast contributing into a modern space.

​10. Banks practical design

Once again, it’s a small kitchen space and the target here is to enhance the décor. A wall paint, built-in cabinets and lesser furniture give a minimalist design to this kitchen.

​11. Passionate colour

Red colour has been used in this kitchen to give a charming look and the outcome is just perfect.

​12. Full of light

The key element of this kitchen is the pendant lights integrated with traditional materials. Colourful aesthetic, neutral walls and contrasting shiny floors give much life to space.

13. A comprehensive design

Wood finishing adds uniformity and harmony to the entire space. The neutral colours of the wall work well with olive green mosaics.

14. Multitasking

It’s a multi-tasking kitchen with enough work area and it also have a dinner table for a quick family time. 

​15. Stylish, modern, and simple

The partition wall in this kitchen acts as a shelf as well as breakfast bar, giving it more functionality. 

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