9 Vastu Tips for your home for good fortune in 2017

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The entire concept of vastu revolves around different sources of energies. And balancing these solar and celestial energies can bring peace and success to you and your family.

Thus, whenever you are building your house or renovating it, certain points of Vastu should be kept in mind. Also, you have to remember that too much of energy can make the room chaotic, whereas too little of it can make it dull and boring. So, it is important to be precise with the location and design.

Here are 9 vastu tips for new Indian homes:

​1. House entrance

The sun rises in the east, bringing lots of optimistic energy and that is why it is considered as the most favorable direction for the main entrance. While deciding the house plan, try placing the main entrance of the house in the east direction.

If you are renovating the house and it is not possible to change the entrance, then you can try and  open a huge window in the east direction of the house.

​2. Southern corner for the bed

The southwest corner of the house is meant to be the sleeping spot because of its earth elements and heaviness.

The direction in which we place our bed while sleeping is very important to keep our mind in peace. Try to place your bed in the south, east, or west corner of the house, but it should never be the north corner. To make your room livelier go for the shades of brown and green.

3. Northern elements

Lion Head Water Fountain Unique Landscapes Country style garden
Unique Landscapes

Lion Head Water Fountain

Unique Landscapes

The northern corner of the house should is preferable for water elements and you can place anything like RO, water bottles, and washrooms here. If not completely north, you can try to place them in the northeast side of the house to maintain financial growth.

Green plants, flowers, and water, everything can be placed in this corner of the house.

​4. Plant the right seeds

Passage area homify Commercial spaces Commercial Spaces

Passage area


Some major plantation is carried out while constructing the house and if you are a greenary lover, plant only those seeds that do not produce milk, because those plants are known for hindering the harmony of the house. 

Vastu friendly plants like money plant, bamboo, and peace lily can be a quick pick here.

5. Location of the kitchen

Manhattan gloss kitchen in white Kitchen Stori KitchenCabinets & shelves
Kitchen Stori

Manhattan gloss kitchen in white

Kitchen Stori

The southeast corner of the house is just perfect to be your chef’s spot. Typically, you should cook while facing the east side. Also, vastu experts recommend not to construct the kitchen in front of the main door.

​6. Airy living room

The living area is a place where the entire family sits together for conversation. Place the sofas against the wall and avoid placing chairs where they can block the door.

​7. Avoid overhead beams

Exposed beams are a big no-no when we talk about the rules of Vastu. They tend to leave a depressing effect on lives and can also cause disagreement and argument.

​8. Room colours

Colors used in the house can make or break the mood, so, beware of the colours you are including in your house. Shades of blue, white, dark green, and yellow are widely recommended.

​9. Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is supposed to bestow harmony in the family. Also, it will work even more well if the furniture is in regular shapes and sizes. 

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Which one of these vastu tips do you already follow?

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