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The dining room is no longer regarded as just a place for consuming food. It has transformed into an essential part of the house that needs to be super impressive and elegant in design and looks. Not only is it a personal space for the whole family, but also an important location where business meetings are conducted and important deals are signed. For this reason, a dining room needs to be extremely comforting and stylish at the same time. It should not give a mundane feel to the inmates of the house and thus should be built in a completely refreshing way. Similarly, for the guests and colleagues it should imbue an embracing and welcoming feel. Enlisted here are few ideas that will help you lend a much cosier feel to your dining room. However, the extent of their use truly depends on the size and overall layout of your dining room. They can be mixed and matched according to your liking and budget. Let's check them out and unlock the secrets to a cosier dining room. 

Pretty false ceiling design

False ceiling is the latest trend in home décor. It is essentially the most popular these days as it is affordable and looks good in both big and small households.  A false ceiling renders a distinctive feel to the dining room, thus making its ambience uniquely charming. They prove to be extremely handy for areas that have combined living and dining areas. A cosy fall ceiling right above the dining table not only presents a distinct spot for the chandelier, but also adds a cordial demarcation from the rest of the room. Especially for dining rooms, the designs of the false ceiling should be continuous and floating.  Use of subtle contrasts like white and yellow or white and pick looks the best for dining areas. You might as well try to install an array of LED lamps that enlighten the false ceiling design along with the whole room.

Use neutral wall colours

It is said that these three activities; love, eat and sleep, should be done absolutely slowly and peacefully. The most indispensable factor behind creating a cosy environment in the dining room is the wall colour. A cool and calm environment is what you desire for eating with friends and family. To be honest, a neutral wall colour causes a trickling effect in your body. From the mind to the eyes and then to the stomach, it is responsible for making each of your senses happy and satiated.  A neutral colour also helps to enhance and bring into light the small details and accessories which otherwise get overpowered by bright hues. A wooden or glass dining table looks absolutely perfect amidst sober surroundings. Also, flowers, planters and even the glassware find a cool backdrop in subtle hues.

A sturdy dining table

The next important thing while designing a dining room is the dining table. Unlike few Indian households that still believe in the traditional style of eating on the floor, most of the people have adapted to the modernized form of eating that involves a sturdy and durable dining table. An ideal dining table should be bought according to the size of the room and size of your family. If you are a city person, a cosy eating corner besides a wall might serve the purpose. On the contrary, if you are a retired personnel who wants to build a lavish countryside mansion for himself, then, my friend, the world is your oyster. You can build a 12-seater dining table indoors and have an additional gourmet seating area outside.  In both the cases, a thick wood, glass or metal platform will serve as the best eating platform. The shape and size is again a personal consideration. While most of the dining tables come along with matching chairs, you can even arrange a contrasting upholstered ensemble according to the room décor.

A gorgeous chandelier is all it takes

A dining room can never be complete without a chandelier. Chandeliers are the perfect accessory for creating a regal effect and when they say, ‘Eat like a king’; it becomes all the more important to have one in your dining room. The size, design and shape is, however a personal preference. For a vivid effect you can go with a bright contrasting chandelier, like the one shown here as opposed to a subtle chandelier that creates a more harmonious and blend-in effect. Glass chandeliers have been time tested and still continue to be highly captivating and awe-inspiring. They are now joined by colourful and delicately crafted beads that look like absolute diamonds gleaming in bright soothing lights.

Designed by Gislene Lopes Arquitectura, interior designers from Brazil, this dining room design is seamless and the beautiful chandelier is no less than a red cherry on top of the cake. 

Spread the mirror magic

Moving ahead, let’s talk about mirrors. Undoubtedly, they are a great source of warmth and friendliness. Not only they create an illusion of space, but also make an ideal wall feature. You can use an assortment of small mirrors or can even opt for a large single slab that spans across the entire wall. The frame of the mirrors can be creatively designed according to the room décor and functionality. You can even handcraft them with old unused metal or wooden pieces. As shown here, a dining room flanked by glass sliding doors, glass windows and a huge mirror, makes a perfect eating destination as it embarks a feeling of openness and calmness. It keeps the dining room always an agile part of the home and even keeps you close to nature.

Use elegant lighting

Lighting plays a very important role while eating. Eating in dim lights is still considered relaxing, but eating in unsatisfying or too overwhelming lights, surely ignites the irritable you. Apparently, lighting is directly proportional to a good appetite. A well-lit room helps you appreciate the beauty of the well spread dining table. On the contrary, a dimly lit room does not let you enjoy the richly prepared dishes and even makes you lose appetite. Overwhelming light might not allow you to focus well on food instead might make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, proper lighting is a must in the dining room. You can adorn the edges of your false ceiling to display a rich pattern of brightly lit yellow LED lamps for subtle yet a brightly lit dining room .

Include nature

Anything looks good and tastes better when accompanied by nature or natural belongings. On the same thought, try including French glass windows in your dining room to capture maximum sunlight. The slanting sun rays look magnificently beautiful against the patterned wooden dining table. They also lend a fresher and brighter aura in the room.  Nature can also be included in the form of colourful flowers and planters. This, along with glass windows gives a perfect picnic experience while sitting inside. The bright contrast of green leaves against the subtle interiors imparts a feeling of embrace and affection inside the dining room. 

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Is your dining room cosy and inviting? Let us know in the comments below.

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