20 Beautiful bathrooms where the protagonist is wood

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Incorporating wood into the bathroom can sound like a risky ordeal. With modern decor catching up it would seem like you would be missing out on quite the deal if you gave this one a skip. Wood is no longer a privilege restricted to cabins and cottages, but also bathrooms of various styles.

So, how do you deal with wood in your bathroom? To begin with, select solid wood such as cedar. This variety is resistant to moisture, which makes it ideal for your bathroom. Next up, the wood should be porous and hard. Next up, the wood should be slightly porous and hard. The finish on the wood will function as a thermal insulator which means to say it will be able to withstand water, moisture and vapor. As part of maintenance, you should dry the surface of the wood thoroughly.

The wood in the bathroom is usually found combined with micro-polished cement, stone, and with a full range of tiles. Let us, then, enjoy these spectacular bathrooms where wood is the brightest star!

1. Wooden walls and countertops

An image of absolute warmth is presented to you. The frosted glass helps to maintain opacity which is quintessential in the bathroom.

2. An all wooden floor

A laminated wooden floor is just what you need to create a modern looking bathroom. An elegant and stylish bathroom awaits you.

3. Rustic wood

Natural wood look great in bathrooms where a modern and rustic touch intertwine. The presence of two sinks, and a storage cabinet that stretched from wall to wall makes this bathroom a great idea.

4. Sparring the ceiling

Laminated wood that runs for the entirety of the bathroom barring the ceiling makes for the ideal getaway! A touch of class is created which is ideal to drown your worries away in.

5. Walk the plank!

An attic bathroom is everything you need right now. Couple its idyllic location with this wooden stroke and you are good to go.

6. Wooden panelling combined with tiles

When tiles met wood, we created this brilliant bathroom. It’s neat, clean and cosy. It has got everything you need right in one little pocket of your house.

7. A shower of wood

Replace the age old shower curtain with a glass slab. You could also say goodbye to tiles once and for all as you welcome this wooden shower.

8. Rustic wood and tiles

Levels and textures are experimented with, giving you a rustic bathroom with modern winks.

9. Of wood, ceramics and stone

Wood acts as a delimiter, separating the ceramic and stones. A dynamic bathroom is created here with wood emerging as the real hero.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

10. Ship deck style

Another way to hero wood in your bathroom is by creating a deck or floating floor out of your shower.

11. Wood flooring for the jacuzzi

The pedestal to any Jacuzzi would have to be a wooden platform such as this, luring you in for some more!

12. Wood from the bed to the bath

Follow up your wood laden bedroom by extending it to your bathroom as well. An element of perfect harmony is created which cannot be missed out on at any cost.

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13. Combined with ceramic

Wood and ceramics make quite the duo for your everyday needs.

14. Wood wicker, polished surfaces and neutral tones.

Neutral tones tend to enhance the beauty of wood in the bathroom. Wicker accompanies the natural effect with the implementation of accessories.

15. Slabs and wood

Minimalism at its best. This bathroom uses a wooden floor coupled with modern tiles and slabs that add a decorative touch to the bathroom.

16. Laminated wood bath

Laminated wood is much easier to maintain and cheaper comparatively. It helps to provide a similar effect to that of normal wood.

17. Rustic and modern walls

The versatility of wood is infinite when it comes to interior decoration. This bathroom is a testament to that.

18. The floating effect

This attic space unties the flooring of the bedroom and bathroom. The shower glass effectively keeps moisture at bay.

19. Limited space

The combinations of wood are aplenty. In modern bathrooms, grey and beige seems to be a regular. Small bathrooms with gleaming hardwood floors can never go wrong.

20. Rustic, yet modern

Rustic at the top, yet modern at the bottom. The best of both worlds, in a single one. What more could one ask for?

Look no more, for the best ideas were just uncovered before you!

Checkout 20 Beautiful bathrooms where the protagonist is wood! Try them and share your comments.

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