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Though today homes are made of superior and long lasting products, the timeless beauty of wood and man’s attachment to this basic construction material is still consistent.  Even in homes constructed out of concrete and cement, wood plays an essential role in the form of window and door frames, furniture and cabinet doors followed by decks and patio. Due to its durability and easy adaptation to climatic changes, wood is a popular construction material among homemakers. .

One of the advantages of wooden houses is that they can adapt to various decorative styles from the most basic and simple to the most modern designs. Thoughtful selection of wood and treatment can help in building a strong house that stays perfect over several years with minimal maintenance. Decorative elements like etchings add beauty and glamor to a wooden house and can act as signature of its creator in the future. 

We have listed out some beautiful homes created by our architects constructed out of wood that are modern and comfortable and allow its owners to enjoy the cozy warmth of a wooden house into a modern setup.

1. Use appropriate wood in every construction

One of the biggest advantages of wood is that in addition to being an easy to acquire material it is perfect for all types of architectural projects in different locations around the world. Architects always prefer to use locally available durable wood varieties for construction projects as these are more suited to local weather conditions. Though thick density wood is used for cold locations, and the opposite for houses in tropical areas, the best method of selecting the right quality of wood for construction of a house is to use an expert’s opinion.

2. Modern wooden house

People that are looking for an economical source for home construction should consider investing in a house constructed out of wood. A house constructed out of concrete could take at least a year to be ready for stay as it has to receive several weatherproofing treatments to make it long lasting. The beautiful wooden house here can be constructed faster than a standard concrete home of the same size. While most people consider this wooden home more suited to countryside with lawn and garden before it, home builders are more than willing to make these homes even in cities and suburbs.

3. How wood enhances home construction

One of the biggest advantages of constructing a beautiful wooden home is its ability to accept changes to its layout with minimal remodelling expenses. If you are planning to expand the build-up area of a wooden house or add additional floors over existing base foundation over a period of time then these can be done with appropriate changes to the main base. In this house the family wanted to build a covered porch on the side to create a sit-out for the family, only pillars were set up to support the structure and new roof was built to cover the porch created under its shade.

4. A wooden abode of pastel colors

People that expect wooden houses to be grim abodes of dark tones would be surprised to see this cheerful abode fashioned out of wood with grey and white facade. To give a unique and personal touch to their wooden home, people here have adopted pastel tones for their exteriors that give a modern and trendy touch to this abode. The use of grey as a base tone and white outlining doors, windows and the balcony shows that pastel tones can give beauty and style to wooden homes and make them rise far above the level of “country house” tag that they suffer from.

5. An eclectic combination of wood and glass

One of the biggest deficiencies of modern homes is lack of natural light and poor illumination that makes them look dull and lifeless even during the day. But when an eclectic house of wood is built in an open space like this with glass windows and doors to capture sunlight across the day, then a house-owner is unlikely to incur any lighting expenses during daytime. Even though the long wooden house  looks simple and basic, the cleverly designed structure has bay windows which bring in light and keep the harsh midday sunlight out.

6. Design a trendy home out of wood

Lack of space in urban centers has forced most homeowners to opt for residences which can grow vertically which has been actively supported by home builders too as it gives them ample room to explore their creativity. If you think that the desire to build a home with two levels will be restricted when it is made of wood then this beautiful creation should dispel all your doubts. The tall structure with arched roof and porch with elegant steps leading up to it is a picture of serenity and elegance.

7. An elegant combination of natural elements

This classic style house constructed out of basic elements of wood, stone and glass has a stately appearance thanks to the creativity and vision of its architect. The warmth and brightness around the abode breaks the myth that homes made out of stone and glass are cold and grim which also lack human touch. This effect of cosy warmth is largely due to the combination of wood that brightens the house and makes guests feel welcome.

8. Maintain the exterior color of wood over the ages

The most potent fear of all homeowners around the world is that the appearance of their house’s exteriors will dull faster than that of its interiors. This is exactly the reason owners of wooden houses paint the entire exterior surface with a transparent varnish before putting on the color of their choice to make it weather proof. Wood is more vulnerable to moisture and heat when compared to cement and concrete but when proper treatment is provided it does not show signs of external appearance like the former.

9. Beauty of gabled roof

It is difficult to ignore the old world charm of a gabled roof that can easily be implemented in a wooden home to enhance its air of romanticism. The ideal way to incorporate a gabled roof in your architectural design,is to plan in advance so that tall walls can be made to enhance the appearance of the roof. The house before you has a lovely stone border at the bottom and a romantic slanting gabled roof of the same color that adds magic to the atmosphere. 

We are sure that by now you would be excited to explore more Super Wooden Houses.

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