9 Pictures of garages that inspire you to renew yours

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Almost every Indian house has a garage to store cars, but most people only reserve this function for the environment, and it becomes quite forgotten. In fact, it is one of the most ignored area of the house. However, one should not underestimate its value owing to the fact that they can serve a lot more purpose than you might ever have thought of. More and more Indian home-owners are buying cars these days and lack of space has forced the owners to extend some space within their homes to get garage or parking space. 

No, you do not need to get a gigantic property or big parking space every time! A small and simple space can also work. Don't believe us? Here are some beautiful and wonderful garage ideas to renew yours.  Don't forget to comment below and let us know your preferences. 

Tea Time garage

Unlike what a typical garage is assumed to be, do not run out of creativity and functionality when building this space. Making a small lounge in the garage, if you have enough space, is a great choice. In the case of project, the automobile to be store is only a bike which requires less space, leaving the area free for more creativity to flow, but the idea can be easily copied on a larger garage that houses cars.

Office in Garage

This is a good alternative for those who do not have a dorm room left at home to make it an office. Alongside this beautiful car, the designer has made a simple office, which is separated by a sliding door glass, space for the car. You don't require a lot of planning to get something like this for your home.

Proper Country Garage

Make the best use of every inch of space within your garage and adopt this style. Use small and large shelves, tables and racks to place all your tools, games, skateboards, family unused but not so waste material, old furniture, and the rest within. Instead of throwing away these things, keep them safe here till the time they are recycled and worthy of use anywhere else. 

Narrow Bike Lane for Car

The whole coating concrete gives a rustic and industrial effect is complemented by lighting and gray door. In the space the car is kept in the background, there is also the opportunity to guards bicycles and other sporting items like the surf family board. A narrow space worthy of storing all the essentials for you! Think practical while designing. 

Wooden house for your Car

We all love our cars and cannot compromise when it comes to parking them. Everyone wants to protect them from rains, sun and other natural hazards. On land with plenty of space, an intelligent and creative solution is to book a house to the car. This small wooden building is charming and very functional. Inside you can save typical garage items like tools and a ladder.

Natural Parking

For those houses, that enjoy a large sized garden, getting a garage is just simple and easier. Get a highly durable shed installed and you can have plenty of space to park your 2 cars easily. Look at this one, amidst greenery, a small open garage fits in perfectly and serves the purpose well. 

Low Level house Floor Garage

Having no additional space and garden brings a lot of stress, where you will be parking your car? Get a low ceiling ground floor space reserved for parking and use fences to secure it during day time. Proper lighting is essential in parking area to provide any accidents when you are going to use your vehicle at night.

Simple and Easy

Resin Floor, Metal Cabinets and Bike Storage Galore in this lovely garage makeover in Cambridge Garageflex Modern garage/shed bike,storage,garage,garage door

Resin Floor, Metal Cabinets and Bike Storage Galore in this lovely garage makeover in Cambridge


Using shutters and nothing else, this shop kind of garage is extremely rational and functional for homes where 2 or 3 kids are using bicycles apart from parents, that are usually car carriers. Cycles and bikes too, need their space and attention for placement. Else they start looking old and rugged after a few days of use. Furthermore, they are easier to stole if left in open!

Special Accomodation

What about this kind of special accommodation for your SUV. A garage that looks like a guest house from exteriors houses a big SUV within and plenty of free space can be seen. That means, you have enough area to park more vehicles or place items like ladders, tables, chairs, benches from park and other items. Do not compromise with the beauty and decor factor just because it is ’parking area’. Consider it to be a part of your house. 

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