13 pergolas that will make your yard look fabulous

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When you want to enjoy pleasant outdoor lunches to make the most of the winter sunshine, there’s no better place to do it than under a pergola. Its structure has columns that support a cover, which provides shade and allows natural light into the area. It also creates lovely play of light and shadow, which brings a charming ambiance to the garden.

Pergolas can be built from a variety of materials, including wood, canvas and metal. Some might even have a natural cover provided by climbing plants. It’s always a lovely addition to any garden. Today, we present 12 ideas to help you build a pergola in your garden.

​1. Canvas cover

A retractable system that uses canvas to provide shade is a great option as it doesn’t block the natural light. The advantage of this design is that the canvas cover can be drawn back during winter to bring in direct sunlight into the area.

2. Metal roof

The design of this pergola is unconventional as the roof doesn’t rest on columns. Instead, the light metal slats are fixed directly on the exterior walls of the house. Powder coating on the metal makes it weather resistant and helps to create an outdoor space that can be used throughout the year.

3. Glass sheet

In this professionally designed terrace, the pergola structure is built from wooden beams and has a glass sheet as the cover. The benefit of using glass is that doesn’t cut out the natural light, but offers protection from the rain.

4. Over the main access path

This pergola acts as a cover over the home’s entrance path. The light structure is built into the walls instead of using columns that would clutter up the space. The slatted design creates lovely shadows on the wall, adding an interesting element to the design.

5. Wrapping around the house

In this home, the pergola extends around the house with the wooden columns and glass cover keeping the area bright so that all the rooms benefit from natural light.

6. Completely white

This large white pergola covers the entire patio, creating a lovely outdoor space for the family to enjoy. Fabric cover is used to protect the area from sunlight without cutting out natural light.

7. A warm welcome

This wooden pergola adds warmth to the path leading to the main door. The bridge-like walkway is flanked by greenery, bringing is a nice natural ambiance that is welcoming and relaxing.

8. Connecting with nature

A pergola can be used to create a harmonious environment that links the house seamlessly to the lush landscaping in the surroundings. Climbing plants with flowers create a natural cover for the columns, adding a beautiful element to the home’s facade.

9. Mediterranean theme

White stone pillars support the wooden structure that acts as the frame for the clay tiles covering this Mediterranean style pergola. With elegant accessories such as flowing white curtains and wooden furniture, the ambiance is magical!

10. Light cover

This large patio has a charming feel due to light filtering through the thin metal slats that cover the area. Columns at the edge of the patio provide support for the light roof.

11. Bamboo structure

This pergola uses bamboo to add a beautiful natural feel to the home’s terrace. The frames are made from thick bamboo poles, while the cover uses thin slats of bamboo that filter the natural light and serve as a trellis for climbing vines.

12. Unique form

With its curved design that resembles a metal sculpture, this pergola is a stunner. The iron structure has glass panes as the cover. The unusual design gives this home a distinct identity.

13. Perfect combination

Finally, we present a pergola that blends wood and metal with the stone walls of the house to create a relaxing outdoor space. The wooden deck flooring stretches to the pool area, making the pergola seem like an extension of the home’s recreation area.

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Which of these pergolas is your favourite? Comment to share your thoughts.

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