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​Make a style statement with your home

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Bengaluru, the hi-tech capital of Karnataka is one of the busiest cities in India and is well known for it glamorous lifestyle and greenery. The city is embellished with some royal residencies from the 19th century.

Your home speaks volumes about you and so you should always ensure that it is a reflection of your style and choices.Here's an architecture beautifully done in dark shades of brown, purple and pink by Bonito designs, designers in Bangalore.  The dark brown wooden work and purple hues perfectly complement the nude wall shades in this residence. Let's start the tour of this stunning residence with the highly innovative and modular living room. 

Turning the TV cabinet modular

Modular TV unit design homify Asian style living room

Modular TV unit design


It is not just the kitchen that can be made modular, but also the living area. The modular TV set used here is a good integration of design and utilization of space. The shelves and cabinets provide ample space to store important things and to put artifacts on display. The dark brown finish of the TV set merges well with the white color theme of the living room and the dark brown used in the doors throughout the house.

Modular kitchen designs to organize the kitchen

Modular kitchen designs homify Asian style kitchen

Modular kitchen designs


Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the one place that needs to be organized at all times. To make that easy, this design has been implemented with a lot of space and options for storage. Space has been provided for all electronic appliances as well, so that the microwave, oven and fridge all have a dedicated space. The cooking area has been kept in one corner while the other larger area has been kept free for other uses. The tiles used on the walls are simple and the checkered design on the wall behind the gas stove provides a good relief from the dominant purple color of the modular set. Overall, it is a balanced and soothing design.

Wardrobe design for the bedroom

Wardrobe design ideas homify Asian style bedroom

Wardrobe design ideas


The design of this wardrobe is very simple, yet it has incorporated the overall theme that has been followed throughout the house. The focal point of the design is the full length mirror in the center of the wardrobe. The other parts of the cabinets have been designed in a checkered pattern with brown and white alternating in each shelf. Storage cabinets have been provided on top of the wardrobe which comes in very useful at all points of time.

Digitally laminated wardrobe design

Digital laminated wardrobe homify Asian style bedroom

Digital laminated wardrobe


This is a very different design for a wardrobe, but one that is not just useful but also very attractive. The design has been implemented keeping in mind the pink color theme of this room. The flowery patterns on the doors have been digitally laminated which is attractive and also sustainable. White has also been used in the wardrobe to provide some color relief from the dominating pink. The large full size mirrors serve the dual purpose of adding to the design and providing space for dressing. Throughout the room, the pink color theme has been maintained.

Lighting and false ceiling

Lighting homify Asian style bedroom



Making use of false ceiling has become very common nowadays and it is a very good option because every room can be given a different look with this. In addition to that, it also provides good options for lighting. In this case, blue and white lights have been merged. The blue light is soft and originates from the center while the strong white light has been distributed through smaller outlets. The overall effect is very charming.

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Isn't the pink flowery shade in the bedroom perfect for a teenage girl or a lady? Please share your opinion in the comments below.
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