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A home in Bangalore full of surprises!

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It has been rightly said that home is where the heart is, but in addition to that regular supply of love, you also need a little bit of glamour and style to make your home attractive and good looking. Designed by Bonito Designs, Bangalore, this residence exudes warmth and tenderness. From living room to the core interiors, the apartment is luxuriously furnished and looks glamorous. The apt use of lighting in each small area adds glamour and taste to every corner of this house. The residence is a perfect example of how to best light up your home. Let's walk in and explore this wonderful abode. 

Living room interiors

The lighting, especially the ceiling lights in the living room is one of the first things that catches the eye. The false ceiling has been designed to provide ample light while at the same time gives the impression of sun rays scattering in the entire room. Apart from lighting, the furniture as such in the room is very minimal. The TV cabinet has been designed and integrated into the extended portion of the ceiling to provide symmetry. A perfect living room setup, indeed! 

Living room and home entrance

The design for the entrance to the house is very simple but the false ceiling work in this portion is also worth noticing. Along with that, the design on the wall behind the shoe cabinet is very different and provides relief from the yellow light. This design would look good in natural light as well as in artificial light. One would notice lack of carpets or rugs in this area and that the mosaic work on the wall is the only portion that provides some color relief, which merges well with the overall design of the house.

Hallway storage design

This can be considered as a small storage nook that has been created in the living room area. The large blank wall has been used to place a teak finish cabinet which is a very good option for storing things that come handy on a daily basis. Lighting emphasis has also been provided here by placing two small bulbs on top of the wall. To break the monotony of the blank wall, a round vintage clock has been brought into use which looks like the apt place for it. 

Bedroom wardrobe design and storage units

Storage is very important and especially in the bedroom for storing personal effects. In this design, a lot of room for storage has been created by using built-in wardrobes and providing cabinets on top. The design of the wardrobes is worth noticing since it merges in and blends with the overall design of the room. The color theme of white has been maintained throughout and full length mirrors have been provided to accentuate the light effect. It also serves the dual purpose of helping with dressing.

Study room designs

A study room does not always have to be severe. The design can also be made fun as in this case. The study table and book shelves have been merged to create one large unit. There is ample storage space and the color theme of green and white has been followed throughout the room. The false ceiling in this room is spectacular and provides ample light for studying. The cartoon designs on the fan provide a funky touch since this is a kid’s bedroom. 

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Is it somewhere close to your dream home? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.  

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