10 Pictures of small but sophisticated bed rooms

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Since everyone needs a quiet and calm place to rest, bedrooms should be well designed so that they provide a space for recharging with a good night’s sleep. When the room is small, it poses a challenge as it needs to be functional as well as lovely. The bed is the most important element in the room and needs to be carefully chosen, but don’t prioritise beauty at the cost of comfort. Sleep gets precedence in the bedroom, so get good quality mattress and pillows.

With the help of a professional, you can create an elegant bedroom that incorporates all the essential elements and still manages to look pretty. Take a look at these 10 small bedrooms for inspiration.

1. A low bed with lovely lighting

In a bedroom with a sloping ceiling, a low bed works well. The combination of light wood flooring and a darker wall adds a sense of depth to the small space. Hanging lampshades at the side throw lovely shadow patterns on the walls and floor creating an elegant ambiance.

2. Designed to perfection

This bedroom is really small, but it stands out because of its unique design. It has a light wood bed between two walls, with bookshelves under the bed. While white dominates, the use of dark blue paint on one of the walls breaks the monotony, as do the art on the wall as well as the bright yellow coffee table. Light from wall sconces as well as the modern chandelier completes the look.

3. Colour palette

While colour helps to brighten up the ambiance in a room, one needs to be careful about using too much colour in a small space. This tiny bedroom achieves it effectively with an all-white theme that gets relief from accessories, including a multi-coloured throw, matching solid cushions and a dark rug.

4. Maximising the space

In a child’s bedroom, creating a mezzanine level within the small area helps to include a study area as well as an informal sitting room besides the bed on the upper level. Although the bed has a low ceiling over it, notice the cleverly placed lighting that allows for reading in bed.

5. Minimalist partitions

In a studio apartment or loft, where space is scarce, the bedroom can be separated from the living area with partitions that allow the natural light to come in. Using white or pastel shades as well as light coloured wood keeps the room from looking cluttered. The upholstered headboard, which is fixed on the wall, adds a touch of sophistication.

6. White, Grey and brown

Another variation of the minimalist style, this small bedroom uses a combination of white and grey. Relief is provided by the dark wood flooring, which is carried through to the open shelves in the corner. Modern lighting complements the theme.

7. Curtains for privacy

Often, glass windows or walls are used in small bedrooms to bring in natural light. However, if the windows open out into the courtyard or terrace ensure that you have thick curtains to keep the bed private. This will also help to block the light when you want to sleep.

8. Innovative ideas

Sometimes, creative design is all it takes to make a small space look sophisticated.  Notice the elevated placement of the bed in this room? The open shelves not only provide space for storage, but double up as a ladder for climbing on to the bed.

9. Mirrors to expand the space

A well-known trick for making an area seem larger, in a small bedroom, using wall-to-wall mirrors or mirrored doors on wardrobes helps to enlarge the space visually.

10. Aesthetically decorated

The use of the right accessories to decorate a tiny space adds an elegant air. Although this room follows a monochromatic theme, which can be dull, the striped furnishings and lovely paintings on the wall add personal touches that pull together a stylish look.

For more ideas on designing small bedrooms, see 8 ideas to make your small bedroom more spacious.

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