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When we think of marble, we imagine large roman baths, castles, and luscious extravagant palaces. Our minds drift to historical mansions of the elite and upper-class, where no expense was spared, and a resulting marble overload, although breathtakingly magnificent to witness, feels colossal and cavernous within. Perhaps we think of tacky marble usage, where the stone is exploited from ceiling to floor, lining corridors, and huge pillars reach upwards into yet another large marble overhanging balcony. Whatever your opinion on marble, there is no denying its ability to infuse a sense of opulence and magnificence into any home space with ease. Marble is making a comeback in the realm of interior design, but instead of lavishly overcooked interiors, it’s being utilised subtly and with restraint.

So, how to integrate marble into your home? The key is to keep it restricted to small touches and hints within the domestic space—take a look at the following examples of marble tables and see how you can utilise marble in a way that is subtle, refined and timeless.

Sleek bathroom style

Bathrooms are one of those spaces that we love to be lustrous, shiny, and clean—so what better way that with high-gloss polished and beautiful marble? This bathroom space utilises a black marble vanity, chrome fittings and balances it with a soft neutral patterned wallpaper and floral blind. Add to this a bevelled art deco style mirror and coordinating wall lamps, and the space is entirely trendy and radiant.

Large, dark and luxurious

Marble is often associated with luxury and opulence, so it makes sense that it would be used in lavish and impressive interior design. This wonderfully extravagant table uses one piece of dark marble to create a dining space of intense beauty and presence. The high ceilings matched with the showy kitchen evoke a sense of majesty and innate indulgence. If you are thinking of incorporating a table such as this into your own space, be sure to have a room large enough to hold it. Putting such a large table in a small space would generate a cramped and cloistered atmosphere.

Round Carrara class

Marble is making a comeback in contemporary interior design—instead of being relegated to old heritage style architecture and décor, this versatile stone is seeing fresh inclusion in modern and contemporary circles. This example shows an uber-contemporary minimalist kitchen with a round marble dining table; the patterned nature of the stone offsets the sleekness of the joinery and creates a space that is interesting and intriguing.

Marble hallway console

Often when we think of marble, we think of large, cavernous museums or castles, brimming with beautiful yet cold, hard stone. This perception can often be off-putting when considering a décor encompassing marble, as it connotes something rather unfriendly and severe. This couldn’t be further from the truth; when used correctly, this fabulously luxurious stone can be cosy and warming to a domestic space. This example shows us a beautiful corridor and entry hall that is warm, inviting, and utilises a marble console table smartly and effectively.

Abstract multi-function couch

This multifunction couch is a seat and side table in one. It encompasses a timber base frame, brushed stainless steel feet, and a sumptuously padded chaise longue-style seat. But what makes this seating special is the inclusion of a marble tray affixed to the timber base. The built in side table creates a functional and interesting addition that looks intriguing, abstract and invites conversation as well as drinks.

Outdoor resilience and elegance

Probably one of the most recognisable pieces of outdoor furniture, this wrought iron, timber and marble setting is truly a resilient and timeless set. Place these outdoor darlings in a space they will be utilised and enjoyed, but remember to regularly treat the timber and maintain the marble, or they will weather poorly and become damaged.

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