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Scandinavian style living room by Coblonal Arquitectura Scandinavian
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For most of us, our lounge room is the centre of our family and social lives—the beating heart of the home, and the place where we spend time relaxing, unwinding and shaking off the day’s stresses. And what better way to do that than with a marathon long, potato-esque session in front of the goggle-box? Even though we may not want it to be the case, the lounge room television is often the focal point for our domestic living space. For this reason, it is imperative we create an area that is functional, clean, efficient and effective. Whether you strap yourself in and Netflix an entire season of Downton Abbey in one sitting, or simply watch the news together each night, the right entertainment unit can make or break the aesthetic of your room, as well as the ambience and atmosphere of your entire house. 

Take a look at the following chic and stylish entertainment units for some domestic inspiration, and give your living room a much-needed revamp.

Elegant alpine living

In this modern age, our home entertainment is nothing like it used to be 20, 15 or even 10 years ago. Televisions have changed, tastes and changed, and the way we store our electronics has changed—so it makes sense to ensure we pick the best and most functional system for our leisure needs. This living room evokes a sense of alpine style; the entertainment unit is abstract yet rustic in its clean-lined timber construction. This unit matches the colour scheme of the room perfectly and exudes a sense of style, and nonchalant panache.

Modern wall-mount

This entertainment system is mounted to the wall directly opposite the couch and living space—the wall-mounted system is an ingenious one, it saves floor space, stores everything in its right place, and ensures you don’t have a build-up of dust under hard to reach recesses and grooves. When installing, make sure you affix the unit correctly and obtain professional support if you are unsure—the last thing you want is your precious flat-screen plummeting to the floor!

Classic timeless style

This classic living room easily incorporates a television into its space without the feeling that it is ungainly or noticeable. The entertainment unit, or TV stand, is a simple piece of coordinating furniture that features additional storage for DVDs, games, electronics and more. The benefit of this television stand is that is a functional and attractive piece of furniture in its own right; remove the TV and the item becomes an attractive wall console for books, vases and other ornamentation. Moreover, the shelving above creates a distraction and ensures the wall is not bare, and the TV conspicuous.

No TV? No problem.

Cloudsley Road Modern living room by 2 lovely gays Modern
2 lovely gays

Cloudsley Road

2 lovely gays

Perhaps you don’t own a television but need a place to store your music, books, games or other entertainment needs—this stylish wall console provides a beautiful piece of furniture with ample storage for all manner of electronics and bits-and-bobs. Place this item in your living room, decorate simply with vases and vintage finds for a space that is well-styled and simply sensational.

Decorated walls

Books, books and more books—this exciting space works with shapes and angles to create an entertainment ‘zone’ with reading material, a television and storage for extra electronics and games. Choose a design such as this to evoke a sense of fun and combine an abstract aesthetic with traditional and heritage architecture.

Long and lean

In this room, the entertainment unit is the focal point of the lounge room, the place to gather friends and family, pop on a blockbuster and relax, unwind and refresh. For this reason you want a space that is uncluttered, clean and well-organised—this room displays an excellent sense of minimalism, yet appears cosy and warm. Choose a long and lean unit if you want to make a statement as well as ensure your devices are properly stored and packed away safely.

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