Fire Grills and wood ovens—7 options for you!

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With winter close at hand the weather is perfect for outdoor cooking and nothing can compare to the amazing taste and flavor of grilled food. The best part about wood and coal fired grills is that these can be setup anywhere and set alight within a few minutes to dish up tasty food be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian food.  

In this ideabook we share designs of 7 wood fired grills that can be setup in a garden, kitchen, veranda or patio to enjoy the enticing flavor of wood and coal fired cooking in the comfort of your home.

1. Oven with grill for a lovely patio

Families that socialize every weekend and frequently  treat their friends and relatives to gala feasts should invest in a large wood fired grill like this to organize outdoor parties. All the family needs is a large backyard with a stone or wood patio and soon this brick structure can be set up housing a modern design rotisserie.The best feature of this contraption is the wood fired oven that can be used to prepare tasty flavored breads and stuffed or plain pizza. This design effectively combines traditional cooking with modern technology to help its easy adaptation to open air cooking areas like patios, gardens and terraces.

2. An indoor wood oven

Firewood has been an essential part of kitchens since the time humans started living in homes. Even though today technology has progressed to allow kitchens to have smoke free cooking in the form of cooking gas and electrical appliances, it cannot replace the flavor of food cooked on fire.  Modern kitchens today are smart enough to include both new cooking technology and old firewood based cooking in the same space. In this kitchen we show a combination of both cooking systems in a spacious family kitchen that can be used throughout the year.

3. Classic style oven

The oven and grill showcased here is small and old fashioned but is quite durable for the simple fact that its front door is made of solid iron. This technology is ideal for people who have a soft corner for vintage equipment and would appreciate a gadget like this in their large kitchen.  Though the technology is old, this classic style oven is still appreciated by many for its reasonable price and efficiency.

4. Magic of rustic kitchen

Fashioned out of bricks, stone and wood, we bring before you a traditional rustic kitchen that is common in the countryside where wood is a primary cooking fuel. While one side of the kitchen has a modern granite slab and chimney over the cook-top, the other side has a traditional and large grill and oven made out of bricks. The stone flooring adds to the rustic atmosphere of the kitchen that is illuminated with old fashioned roof lighting system.

5. The perfect pizza oven

Who does not like to eat pizzas fresh off the oven with cheese dripping off the sides and crunchy toppings? Well here is an opportunity to have a wood fired oven right inside your kitchen, that allows you to play the perfect host and do the honors by serving baked products to your guests as they sip their drinks on their bar stools just opposite the oven. The oven and kitchen counter have been topped with granite while other sections have been fashioned out of brick and wood to maintain temperature levels in the kitchen.

6. Creating traditional cuisine

When a house has a large kitchen that can accommodate a small breakfast table one can easily recreate a cozy region where family can spend quality time in the evening over dinner. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of this spacious kitchen can be felt in every aspect from brass utensils to brick oven and the colourful tile backsplash. We feel that the best features of this kitchen are the cabinets with arched wooden doors and arched brick hollow beside them.

7. Small ovens in city houses

 When a grill has to be fitted into a house or apartment in the city several adjustments have to be made as the house may not have a large patio or spacious kitchen to accommodate a traditional brick grill. New grill designs are now available in attractive colors that can be selected to suit the ambience of a modern kitchen with minimal changes to its structure. In this minimalist kitchen we see how the grille has been neatly fitted into the side so that anyone carrying out baking or grilling along with cooking can do it without any hassle.

If you would like to try out some old fashioned wood fire cooking here are details about The art of building a wood or charcoal barbecue on a budget.

Which grill design did you like the best? Do let us know your opinion below.

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