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Recipe for an Arts and Crafts style home—one part unflinching and robust design, a dash of well-built character, a hint of uplifting spirit, finished with the full-bodied aesthetic sensibility of medieval-esque grandeur. This international architectural movement revolutionised the way we build, decorate and think. Booming throughout Europe during the years 1880 to 1910, Arts and Crafts diverged from the uptight and often overworked character of Victorian era design, and instead embraced the organic natural beauty of fine craftsmanship and traditional technique. Before being succeeded by Modernism during the 30s, the Arts and Crafts movement cemented itself as an elegant and timeless architectural advancement, which in turn has become an age-defiant fashionable style in homes throughout Britain. Want some more inspiration for your Arts and Crafts interior? Check out the following examples from Homify and renovate your domestic space tastefully and gracefully.

Large, updated and lavish

One of the best elements of the Arts and Crafts movement is its ability to incorporate large swathes of timber within the home, while avoiding a cavernous or out-dated ambience. This modern interior is a perfect illustration of how Arts and Crafts elements can be manipulated into a renovation, and create a space that is open, traditional but with a strong dash of pizzazz and timelessness.

Interior timber elements

Often within the Arts and Crafts movement, interior timber elements are structured and well defined—this design departs from the traditional but still infuses the interior with a sense of natural beauty and iconic timber style. Generally, within a traditional Arts and Crafts home, timber is not painted, rather stained and left to exude its organic beauty. This interior deviates from that tradition, by painting sections of the timber ceiling, but keeps the raw wooden joists and beams, to ensure the space is reminiscent of a heritage home filled with history.

A rustic kitchen

This gorgeously homely kitchen is a great demonstration of rustic yet stylish. The beautiful mismatched nature of the space actually works in its favour and creates a cooking space that is conducive to comfortable family living. Moreover, the typical Arts and Crafts flooring style is illustrated here, with stone a predominant material, and infusing a sense of rustic charm. Generally pastels are avoided in this style of home, instead richer tones and shades are utilised and this gives both a sense of majesty and modesty. This kitchen space employs a dusky sage green shade that, although light, still maintains a richness and deep hued strength.

Timber wall panelling

Timber panelling and art glass are two further elements that prove to be popular arts and crafts elements. These stained glass windows are jewel-like and provide a geometric and linear patterned effect that coordinates with the structured timber wall panelling. This space manages to traverse the gap between old and new by incorporating a modern kitchen island within a traditional Arts and Crafts setting—to do this, ensure you choose contrasting textures, such as timber with stainless steel, but remember to keep your tonal colour palette in-keeping and coordinated.

Cavernous yet cosy bedroom

Who doesn’t dream of living in a castle? This room satisfies all of those dreams and more—cavernous in appearance, this room is actually quite cosy and warm. The dark timber ceiling keeps the space feeling snug and intimate, and the strong use of sturdy timber furniture ensures the area is enjoyable and liveable.

Opulently classic and traditional

This gloriously opulent space exudes elements of Arts and Crafts style, as well as creating a domestic space that oozes class and sophistication. The success is in the detail for this room, each element is perfectly suited to its surroundings, and the result is an area that feels luxurious, but practically liveable, whilst exuding opulent grandeur.

Dark and moody

The Arts and Crafts movement presents a different way of looking at decorating and design—it functions within a distinct set of constraints, and castoffs the overly fussy aspects of Victorian era design. This room is simple, it is not excessively embellished, yet presents a decorative and stylish interior. The wall mural adds an element of chic beautification, and the open fireplace counteracts the vast nature of the large room while injecting warmth and liveability.

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