16 ideas to make your yard will look nice and modern

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Planters are the perfect way to liven up your terrace, patio or garden. From providing green cover for paved areas to dividing or adding layers to spaces, you can find planters in a wide variety of designs, patterns and materials that blend with your outdoor area.

Today, we present 16 designs to give you some ideas about how you can use modern planters to decorate your outdoor spaces.

​1. Wall-mounted and stone coated

Stone planters are among the wide variety of planters that are available in garden stores. You can choose the type that suits your needs.

2. Wooden and metal

In a patio that is paved with wood, metal planters provide relief by creating a separation from the large wood-covered area.

3. Large and strong

Besides their ability to be easily inserted into the landscape and provide depth for plants to grow comfortably, large planters look very elegant.

4. Bamboo or wood

Planters made from bamboo or wood are easy to create as the materials are readily available. You can personalize the planter design to fit your space.

5. Planters for every type of plant

Depending on the size of the planter, it can be used to grow a variety of plant species, including seasonal plants or shrubs. Larger planters can even hold medium-sized trees.

6. Easy to maintain

While selecting planters, provide space for root growth and ensure that it allows for good drainage. Since planters in the garden tend to gather fungi and moss, materials such as fiberglass or plastic are relatively easy to maintain.

7. Treated or recycled wood

Planters made from treated or recycled wood not only add a nice natural look to the garden or terrace but also are perfect for creating a rustic image by matching the furniture and flooring.

8. Modern materials

Contemporary planters made from galvanised steel are commonly used for adding a modern look that complements the furniture and design to create a stunning effect.

9. Creating Harmony

Geometric shapes with smooth or painted finishes give the outdoor area an organized and harmonious feel.

10. Minimalist

Planter boxes that are uniform in size and similar in design help to achieve a modern and minimalist look.

11. Designed for relaxation

If there’s a pergola in the garden or patio, surrounding it with planter boxes holding bright flowers and lush foliage helps to add a relaxed feel to the area.

12. An important part of the garden

Planters are vital to an outdoor space as they help to transform the area by matching or contrasting the other elements, creating layers and adding harmony.

13. Planters with lighting

Lighting plays an important role in decorating a space. Planters with lights built into the surface not only highlight the plants, but make the area look stunning at night.

14. Highlighting greenery

A dull grey planter provides the perfect contrast to the refreshing green foliage and helps to highlight the landscaping in the garden.

15. Bench decoration

Planters can be used to complement the patio furniture, like in this picture, in which flower boxes with white blooms match the upholstery, while the planter boxes blend with the wood slats on the benches.

16. A planter with a fountain

With so many different design options, how about adding a unique touch to your patio with a planter that has a beautiful fountain incorporated into its structure?!

See more designs for garden water features in this ideabook.

What type of planters would you use in your home? Answer in the comments.

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