10 Common home decoration mistakes to avoid

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Lack of imagination or creative flair of a professional interior designer, does not give a house-owner the excuse to live in messy and untidy home. Everyone likes to live in a clean and clutter free house that has all the right paraphernalia to win admiration of friends and relatives. But sometimes even with the expensive accessories and furniture the house does not have the ambience worthy of appreciation which could be due to mistakes in balancing all the ingredients during interior decoration.   

But until one identifies the error it is not possible to rectify it and make the home look balanced. Our interior decoration experts have listed out 10 of the most common mistakes that people make when decorating the house. See for yourself what to avoid from now and in the future.

1. Disorderly layout

The disorderly style that some people seek to show their bohemian side is never trendy and rather showcases a  sloppy and lazy individual. Irrespective of the size and shape of storage facilities like drawers, cupboards, shelves, etc that are available at home, avoid stocking unnecessary stuff in them. Lack of symmetry among objects on display like this bathroom shelf that has haphazardly placed objects some of which have no use in the bathroom spoils the serene atmosphere of the area.

2. Unnecessary bathroom accessories

Bathroom is a place where people spend a couple of relaxing hours to nourish and wash the body with water and cleaning materials. A perfect bathroom is one that is clean, airy, bright and free of unnecessary bathroom accessories that get in the way of daily activities. As people often use the bathroom for dressing too special attention must be paid to keep it free of clutter and unnecessary gadgets.

3. Uncomfortable mattress

Besides being soothing and calm a bedroom should be comfortable to invoke blissful sleep which is possible only when the bed mattress supports the body in the right way.  In this elegant bedroom there is ample amount of natural light and fresh air but the poor quality mattress and rough bed linen does not allow the bed owners to have stress free sleep at night. So Instead of a large and stylish bed, invest in good quality mattress and bed linen to provide solace to both mind and body. 

4. Neutral palette in the bedroom

A bedroom is a place for rejuvenating the mind and body so it should always contain colors that are easy in the senses like muted blue, grey and brown or soft lavender and pink hues.  In this minimalist bedroom, furniture, bed linen, walls and each piece of decor is of soft muted tones to convey serenity which essential for an undisturbed sleep.

5. Lack of focus

When a room has been considered for a particular purpose do not lose focus and bring in furniture and decorative objects that do not have any relation to the actual purpose. For example when a room has been created for study do not  try to decorate the region with packing boxes or bed unless it is a bedroom and study area. While decorating keep in mind the main functions of the room whether it is for entertainment, work, relaxation or prayer and be careful to furnish it accordingly.

6. Overloading layers in the room

A room with too many layers conveys the same feeling of negativity as  an empty space or poorly furnished room. Avoid bringing in unnecessary furniture into a room like this large pigeonhole cupboard into the small room that already contains a large rustic table and several chairs. While decorating small rooms try to keep furniture pieces that are small sized and neutral toned and in vise versa when the room is large and spacious.  

7. Mismatched furniture and tableware

When you have mismatched furniture like this rustic table and leather chairs, laying out expensive dinnerware and wineglasses cannot mask the ugliness of the setup. In rustic setup as this when you are trying to act out the role of a civilized host then try to take advantage of natural resources like light and fresh air from open windows. The best way to work around a situation like this is to cover the table with colorful tablecloth that will brighten up the dull atmosphere of the industrial style dining room.

8. Do not ignore natural light

Artificial light can never replace benefits of natural sunlight and homes have to be constructed to bring in as much fresh air and natural light as possible across the day and night. As the home will have some areas that may not get direct sunlight from traditional doors and windows it is best to keep them within close proximity of skylight or ventilator to ensure that fresh air and light circulate around the house.

9. Poorly lit kitchen

Bright lighting is essential to have amicable atmosphere inside the house and retain aura of peaceful harmony with every object and individual. While single lights are enough for small spaces, large space like this country style kitchen needs a combination of lighting accessories to keep the region bright and pleasant. Lighting system made up of layers like  ceiling lights, floor lamps and sconces on the wall have converged here to create a cozy and very comfortable atmosphere.

10. Disorder and chaos

Life as a bachelor can be tough specially when study and job are being done together. That could be reason for a spartan living as this with a open closet with shelves holding all essentials in plain view of anyone who walks into the room.  When money is scarce and one has a to live an open live like this then keeping everything in their appropriate placed would make the house appear orderly.   

Everyone knows that cleanliness is next to godliness and Homify shows its affinity for the belief with Interior designs ideas for healthy living.

Which idea do you feel is easy to implement? Do let us know why you feel so.

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