11 clever ways to store your clothes

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On the face of it, storing clothes doesn't seem like a big chore, but when you're short on space it suddenly becomes a much bigger issue. Not any more though! We've discovered some ingenious ways to get all the clothing storage you want and need without shrinking that precious floor space in your small bedroom any further. 

We can't take any of the credit for these fantastic ideas as they're the brainchild of talented interior designers and clever carpenters, but we will accept the gratitude for compiling them all into one easy to read article for you. 

Ready to get a lot more savvy with your storage? Then let's get to it!

1. Use under-bed boxes

Simple but effective, boxes under your bed are perfect for storing out of season clothing, which will free up the rest of your wardrobe or hanging rail. Just label them clearly and you're good to go!

2. Repurpose vintage items

If you like things a little on the eclectic side, see if you have any old suitcases that you can turn into super cool drawers. This one we are definitely going to try! Pants in the top and socks in the bottom!

3. Hang them on hooks

If you have beautiful clothing, why are you hiding it away at all? Get some hooks on your wall and hang your best garments up for all the world to see! Fashion and art in one!

4. Use your windows

The space either side of a window so frequently goes to waste, maybe because your curtains gather there, but we think that some simple shelving would look great! You can even use it to hold your curtains back during the day. 

5. Have your priorities in mind

Really think about what it is that you need to store, as that will directly affect what style of storage you need. If it's shoes that get in the way, why not looking into industrial racking? It's cheap and looks trendy!

6. Think about when you'll wear certain things

We would love to be organised enough to plan what we will be wearing tomorrow, as that way, we could have hooks in the mantle ready to let them hang and de-crease, as well as handy baskets for our accessories!

7. On glass shelves

You need to be able to grab what you need in an instant, without sifting through everything else that you own, so glass shelves could be the key. They'll add instant glamour to your bedroom too!

8. Display favourite items like art

Here we are, back at shoes, because who doesn't love them? Funky wall shelving that is perfectly lit can make your shoes a real work of art and keep them out of the way. Just give them a deodorising spritz first!

9. Hang them from the ceiling

Yes! This is inspired! When you have little to no extra space for storing clothes, hang them on a rail and suspend them from the ceiling. You can raise the rail nice and high and only drop it down when you need too! So space-savvy!

10. Put a screen to dual-use

We always think that privacy screens can have an extra function, so get your favourite clothes onto hangers and dot them all over the panels. It'll look like the behind the scenes area of a catwalk show!

11. Treat yourself to a walk-in wardrobe

Of course there is one more suggestion… if you have a spare room that isn't doing much, just claim it for yourself and create a walk-in wardrobe in there! You'll have more room than you could ever need and enough space for fun trying on sessions too! Dreamy!

For more clever storage ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: Clever storage ideas for smaller homes.

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