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Studio Ph09 (progress house) Balconies, verandas & terraces Plants & flowers
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It is often challenging to unite two different styles of design or decoration in one home. But this house, Arredamento Villa, shows how rustic and modern styles can combine to create a gorgeous result. Built by the architects at Studio PH09 (Progress House), this residence is warm, stylish, immensely functional and unique. And it will surely inspire you for your own project in India. Let’s take a tour to know more.

1. Stone and wood for the facade

The walls, columns and even planters are clad in stone to give the facade a charming rustic appeal. The roofs feature polished wood, which adds richness to the stone elements and makes the house look welcoming. Colourful flowers add vibrancy to the setting here.

2. Inviting living room

The living room looks cosy with its neutral colours and sober and modern furnishing. Decorative wooden pieces keep the rustic feel alive here.

3. Play of textures

This wall has been artfully divided into concrete and stone sections to show off the contrast in textures. It reflects the rustic yet contemporary charm of the facade. 

4. Kitchen and dining come together

Trendy and practical furniture dot both the dining and kitchen, thereby integrating these two functional areas in an aesthetic manner.

5. Trendy and stylish kitchen

The kitchen with its elegant lines and curves looks very modern and convenient. The smooth and glossy counter is very functional and stylish as well.

6. Closeness to terrace

Owing to its proximity to the airy and sunny terrace, the kitchen gets a flood of natural light during daytime.

7. Modern furniture and rustic decor

The kitchen furniture and fixtures are purely modern in spirit, though the wooden decorative pieces like the dry branch lend rustic touches to the space.

8. Gorgeous skylight

This large and stylish skylight adorning the ceiling of the upper storey helps in letting sunlight flood the interiors abundantly. Light-coloured walls reflect the light and make the home appear more spacious.

9. Stunning glass element

Right under the skylight is a large glass surface of a similar shape, which reflects the natural light and also allows it to pass through to fill the lower storey of the house. What an innovative design!

10. Pleasing master bedroom

The modern and minimalistic master bedroom is very soothing and gets a touch of brightness through the colourful painting. The bedside lamps have stone bases and keep the rustic spirit of the house alive.

11. Beautiful rustic garden

Contained in long stone planters, beautiful flowers and lush bushes make for a gorgeous rustic garden.

12. Modern entrance with rustic touch

The front door with its simple and neat lines, and wood and glass combination looks modern and tasteful. The stone pillars of the porch lend a rustic touch though.

13. Charming terrace décor

Sliding glass doors lead you from the kitchen to the spacious terrace, which combines rustic and modern elements beautifully. The red wall on the right adds vibrancy, while the dainty bonsai lends freshness.

14. Different view of the terrace

Verdant and landscaped vegetation surrounds the terrace for a gorgeous and serene look, while modern furniture beckons you to sink in and relax.

15. Final look

The tour leaves no doubt about the fact that this property has combined rustic and contemporary elements gracefully and the end result is stunning.

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