Transforming waste land into a sit-out area

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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If you’ve got it, flaunt it – that’s the attitude the professionals and homeowners of today’s ‘before and after’ segment had, and clearly they used it to their advantage.

It started out as a neglected garden that was clearly not getting enough love or attention. But after some clever planning, it was decided to style up this grimy old space by treating it to a terrace, complete with wooden deck, shaded pergola, and even some contemporary furniture pieces.

Isn’t it amazing what ideas can sprout forth once you’re committed to some labour and beauty?

Let’s watch this step-by-step approach…

1. Dirty and nasty

Try really hard to look past the withered look, the neglected state and the messiness of this garden and you’ll be able to see its potential. There’s lots of space, which is why it was decided to fill it with a shaded pergola and deck.

2. Putting the skeleton in place

After laying a decent stone foundation, wooden beams were added on top on which the deck will be placed. And here we can see that the steel pergola and zinc roof have already been put into place. 

Notice that the garage-type door on the far left also got a modern makeover, now flaunting the same glass-clad look as the one on the right. 

Doesn’t this space already look so much better?

3. Filling the deck

One by one, the wooden beams are being added to conjure up the deck. The stone-grey look goes exceptionally well with the dark metal beams, as well as the crisp-white surface of the walls.

Opting for a monochrome look, we see!

4. The finishing touches

The deck is finished and flaunts an open and spacious look. A bit of leftover stone foundation is sticking out from underneath, so it’s simply a matter of neatly trimming the edges for a clean look.

5. The stylish results

Do a bit of cleaning up, add some furniture and décor touches, and ta-da: a stylish new terrace that looks so welcoming and relaxing! 

The rest of the garden is bound to get a makeover as well with some fresh grass and lush plants, so just imagine what this area will look like then! 

Even though a modern dining area has already been created, there is still enough room left for some plush seating – an exterior living room, if you will.

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