How to decorate your house from scratch

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The house of our dreams: we have imagined and searched long and hard, but finally we found it. Now we just have to think about the furnishings and accessories. But just how do you decorate a house from scratch? Let's find out in this new mini homify guide! 

From the study of the project to the choice of the details, here are all major steps to keep in mind to transform your new house into the home you've always dreamt of.

1. Take measurements and examine the spaces carefully

The first step to take when you have to furnish a house from scratch is to take the measurements and carefully examine the space available. It may seem a trivial and perhaps unnecessary advice, but trust us, it's one of the most crucial steps. The measurements of the entire house should be indicated in the floor plan, but this isn't quite the same thing. You need to focus on different areas, taking notes for each specific zone, such as the footprint of the radiator or the depth of potential niches, and try to imagine how you would like to organise the space.

A bit of practical advice: get a pen and piece of paper and write down a pros and cons list of the space, such as the brightness or where there's a change in volume. This little exercise will be useful in subsequent steps to remind us what features we should emphasize and which to modify or conceal through the furniture.

2. Keep several ideas in mind

Once you have taken all measurements and figured out exactly what to emphasize or hide, take a minute and think of a few different design plans you might like. The furnishing and decoration section on homify will certainly help you out in this endeavor. At this stage, it's not so important to be exact. You just need to indicate where you want to arrange your furniture for each room. Gradually discard the ideas that seem too cluttered or inconvenient until you find the right one. It's also important to keep your colour palette in mind. Are you going to paint the walls a different colour? Or leave them as they are? For those of you who can't seem to decide, white is always a great base coat and allows for each and every type of interior design style to flourish.

homify hint: you can find and download free design programs from the internet that allow you to also place the furniture, rugs, art decoration, or any other home furnishings you'd like in a 3D mock room. For those of you that have a difficult time imagining your future space on your own, this is a great help.

3. Choosing the kitchen

When we have decided how to organise the environment, we can begin to visit furniture stores and browse online catalogs. The kitchen is the true focus of family life, so why not start there. To make the choice that best suits your needs, consider these points:

- What is the maximum budget?

- What style do you love the most?

- How much room do we need for the pantry?

- How many people usually work in the kitchen? 

Asking yourself these questions will give you a better idea about the type of furniture to choose from.

4. Furnish the living room with essentials

The living room is another huge room of the home, and not just size-wise. People gather here and really get the chance to see your style. But the fact of the matter is that this room is just so big and important, that when you're just starting off, you should only think about furnishing with the essentials. The sofa, a few chairs or a love seat, and perhaps a television are must-haves, the rest will arrive later at your leisure.

5. Create a comfortable nest in the bedroom

Even in the bedroom, we don't need that much furniture. Mostly because it wouldn't all fit. The most important things are the bed and the wardrobe, perhaps a bedside table. If you can't get the dream wardrobe you've always wanted, consider a clothing rack until you can get the commode of your dreams. What's important in this space is that things remain free, airy, and relaxing to promote good sleep.

6. Equip the bathroom practical and functional furniture

The last room to think about is the bathroom: for this environment, you should only focus on practical furniture, which can help you keep everything in order. 

7. Let's add some detail

As a final touch, add a few details, such as curtains and carpets. Nothing over the top, because you will have plenty of time to choose according to your taste. The details always come with time, so it's important not to stress this part so much in the beginning. Besides, accents can be replaced at any time. Your main focus should be the overall layout and design scheme.

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