12 ideas to improve your bathroom with a low budget

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It's time to change and redecorate your bathroom and you have no idea how to go about it ? The bathrooms say a lot about your personality and tastes. Additionally, a good bathroom with the right atmosphere can mean a big change for a house. In these spaces, we tend to spend most of a budget when remodel, but with these 12 ideas you can improve your bathroom with a low budget.

In this ideabook we present different styles that you can choose from to fit your home. Get a consultation with designers before changing your bath area. 

1. Have a unique piece to install beautiful wallpaper

The choice of a good piece can mean the success of your bathroom. It essentially needs not be a sanitary piece or a single tap but you can have a unique wallpaper that radiates color space. The best thing about decorating with wallpaper is that if you get tired you can always easily replace. Gorgeous isn't it?

2. Dare and mix

This one combines without stopping- mixing textures, colors, shapes and designs. You can have a unique space like this. Do not be afraid to collect mosaics pieces together with cement tiles. They can look as good as they look in this bathroom. Dare yourself and you will see. A pool kind of touch to your walls.

3. Materials that are timeless classics

More traditional materials such as stone or ceramics are usually the favorite when it comes to decorating a bathroom. They look great when placed on a wall, preferably as the background of mirrors, especially if the stone is dark as the bathroom.

4. Take advantage of the mirrors

This bathroom has a great style and has been designed with some clear cut goals of unique look and power to the are. If we look carefully, we can see how it achieves a great effect using only two simple materials. The trick is the mirror reflects and multiplies the effect of the mosaic.

5. Only a touch, you do not need more

If your tastes are a bit more particular, this bath with an eclectic touch may be ideal for you. Full of color with mosaics that were placed in degradé of the sink cabinet. The secret, scandalous appears to be just right.

6. Causing an impact can be very simple

This is a totally different, sober style. The wall is used as a material or canvas creating impact with colors and figurines. Walls, floor to ceiling, everything has the same tone, but a special detail highlight- masks, reminiscent of some of our traditions, reflected in the mirror are causing great impact.

7. A romantic bath

Romantic, pinky perfect for a princess- this bath with pink tones is so sweet and divine as a cake. The touch, a beautiful vinyl starry space and contrasts with textile curtains and furniture.

8. Traditionally bucolic and evocative

This is a bucolic and evocative space. Its manufacturing remembers the countryside palaces with fresh handmade designs on its walls.It is fascinating to see how it comes out to be, despite new materials still preserved in certain cases for the traditional look.

9. Modern with a touch

This is a fresh, modern space with a twist, a beautiful framed vertical garden between light colored walls. This mixture of glass, metal and mosaic is made clear by the presence of the green natural elements, which humanize the place and makes it a perfect relaxing space.

10. As in the field

Main Bathroom homify Country style bathroom

Main Bathroom


This photo, placed great background, takes us beyond the confines of this space, literally to another place. It is a great effect to always dream of having as private bathroom as possible but also fantasize with the idea to see the whole universe from it.

11. Symmetry is reflected

In small spaces, the order is everything. Symmetry can deceive if we play with the right materials, in this case, a mirror that has been intentionally placed on the axis of this graceful tree giving us the impression that space is twice of larger than it actually is.

12. Inspiration can come at any time

This bath is an honor to Picasso's famous phrase, Inspiration exists, but it has to find me working. One wall has been designed as a blackboard, for ideas can flow anywhere in the house. This tiny sink cabinet gives a lovely touch, which is quite small. On the contrary, there is a large container to organize the bath accessories. 

Do not hesitate, redesign your bathroom, here you have more ideas on how to choose the right mirror for your bathroom.

We are smitten by all. What about you?

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