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The kitchen is usually our favorite place in the house. Therefore, it should always be in perfect condition regardless of its size. Every centimeter of the kitchenettes can be used wonderfully; and the remaining space can be devoted for other purposes such as the dining area, without sacrificing extra spaces to make your kitchen look bigger. Today the experts of Homify, will help you to know the positive side of having a small kitchen. Let's begin this photo journey that will serve as an inspiration to renovate or improve your kitchen.

Some points worth noting: 

- Analyze the shape of space before you select furniture. You can place a striking bell to attract the eyes and it could be a highlight of the kitchen. The small kitchen could be seen as a blessing. You have fewer centimeters to clean, less wood to build furniture and cabinets but yes, you have to keep the shape of the kitchen in mind when designing it. Choose furniture that stands out and adds value to the area.

- Organize your appliances according to the space. Install a wooden bar and make it a dining area. Kitchen equipment can be large and heavy such as: fridge, oven, microwave and washing machines. Believe it or not, each major centimeter it covers can be used for other functions. We recommend analyzing the benefits of space.

- Hide the kitchen in a small sliding closet. It is a great idea for a small apartment where there is less space. This solution is the best when you don’t want to waste space. It is more practical idea of having the kitchen hidden behind a small closet. This is a solution if you have a studio apartment and do not have space for kitchen.

- Harnessing the space is the best idea. You can enjoy the whole view of the surroundings from your kitchen. All you need is a small kitchen strategically placed in a space where it does not break the harmony of the home. Placing under the stairs is the best way to enforce it; from where you have full view of the surroundings and the décor will not be a problem.

- Having a small kitchen is more welcoming. Make the optimum use of every centimeter by appropriately placing the things according to the usefulness. Having beautiful and delicate kitchenettes have positive side. But, if you are living alone you do not need much space. What is important then is functionality. For example, place your small sink under the window. This way you can also enjoy natural light.

- Have a comfortable kitchen area in your home. Be creative and divide the lobby and dining room with a wooden fence. While renovating if you are thinking to merge the kitchen with the dining room, do it through a wooden fence. It will be a good idea to highlight it as a small hall. Build a wooden cabinet where you can store crockery and other utensils.

- Make cabinets to store your utensils. Make special cabinets with drawers to store your glassware. For those who want the kitchenette with storage units, we recommend installing furniture which can be used to store your collection of glasses, plates and utensils without any hassle. 

- If your kitchen is installed in a small corridor, use simple steps to organize it. Like install sliding doors to avoid obstruction of space or use glass doors to let in as much light as possible. To make your kitchen look cozier, use the same color in the furniture as it is in the background ceramics.  It will look more spacious. Use the combination of stainless steel in the furniture. They are very durable.

- Look for alternative solutions to join the dining room with the kitchen. You can use the back of the sofa to make it the base of the bar. The beauty of a small kitchen is in its look and how it stands out among others. It may be a space surrounded by visuals and decorations used to creatively enhance its beauty. But each zone should have a reason and utility, as it is in this innovative dining set.

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